Travel by Bus

Travel by bus is one of the most common ways to get around in the United States. Although there are several options, bus travel is incredibly convenient, not to mention affordable. Air travel can also be extremely expensive. Get to know some of the many reasons that it might be better to travel by bus than by plane.

1) There are More Bus Stops Than Airports

In a city like New York, there are three major airports to choose from, and that’s more than in other destinations. According to the New York City Transit Authority, there are more than 4,300 public buses in the city. It is easy to see the contrast: There are far, far more bus stops and stations across America than there are airports. The costs and infrastructure of building an airport are enormous, but it takes very little to erect a bus stop. When it comes to convenience, buses are just better. The odds are high than you’re close to a bus stop right now, meaning that you can begin your trip in a matter of minutes rather than in a matter of hours.

2) Bus Travel is Much Cheaper Than Air Travel

The number one reason people say they don’t travel more often is cost. It’s true that travel isn’t free, but it doesn’t have to blow your budget. One of the most effective ways to keep travel costs down is by taking the bus. Air travel is far and away more expensive than traveling by bus, so it’s not the ideal choice for budget-savvy travelers. Whether you want to bring your kids to a water park for the day or you’re planning a quick getaway to the casino, bus travel will cut costs and give you more money to spend on great food souvenirs or even a longer trip.

3) Fear of Flying Shouldn’t Limit Your Travel

Over six percent of Americans report that they suffer from aviophobia, or a fear of flying. This is clearly a widespread issue, and it impacts millions. If just one person in your family has a fear of flying, then it could mean the whole family needs to explore alternative routes of transportation. The good news is that bus travel can often be quicker, more affordable and much more comfortable. Plus, very few people have a phobia about buses. No fear should stop you from living out your dreams and exploring new places, and bus travel ensures that you’ll always have options.

4) Getting to the Airport Can Be a Hassle

Think back to the last time that you traveled to the airport. How did you get there? You might have driven your own vehicle and then paid a small fortune to park nearby. You might have taken a taxi, and paid even more to be driven to the terminal. When you choose bus travel, you can have a much easier start to your trip. With a number of convenient bus stations throughout major cities and small towns alike, getting to and from the bus is far easier than you might expect.

5) Bus Travel Can be Faster on Shorter Journeys

A typical domestic airline can easily fly at speeds of 600 miles per hour, making airplanes much faster than a typical bus. However, your journey by bus might end up being much faster than your journey by plane. If you want to get from Philadelphia to New York City, the bus journey might take a little over two hours. Ussally HOV and bus lanes can shed a huge amount of time and zip by the worst traffic on the road.

By plane, the same journey takes just over one hour. It also takes time to park at the airport, check in, go through airport security. Also, you’ll need to do most of the same things upon arrival! The plane journey can easily be two hours longer making bus travel more ideal to get somewhere in a hurry.

Taking the bus has never been easier thanks to Martz. Whether you’re in New York, Philadelphia or New Jersey, choose the route that takes you where you want to go. Since bus travel is both convenient and affordable, it is the alternative to plane travel that saves money, time and hassle.