Reasons Why the Bus is More Cost-Effective

(Comfortable seats inside a bus.)

Traveling by bus is more in demand than ever. Each year, more people in the United States end up traveling by bus than flying. Ticket prices are one of the main reasons why consumers are choosing this mode of transportation. The cost of flying keeps climbing, making it harder for people to take that desired weekend getaway. If you want to travel cheaply, below are reasons why the bus is a more affordable means of transportation.

Ticket Price

When it comes to traveling, price has become more important than time. Although a plane can get you to your destination faster, an average flight can cost you from $200 to $500. The average bus ticket is around $30. More people are traveling by bus because they believe it is more economical.

No Extra Fees

When you travel by plane, airlines hit you with hidden fees. You end up paying more than you thought. Checked baggage, extra legroom and airport taxes are all additional charges that end up on your flying bill. If you travel by bus, everything is included in the original ticket price.

Parking Costs

The best part about taking the bus is not having to worry about parking. For example, if you’re traveling to NYC, taking the bus helps you steer clear of expensive parking garage fees that you would normally have to pay for your car. You also avoid paying unnecessary airport parking that can cost you up to $40 if you traveled by plane.

Free Wi-Fi

Instead of paying an arm and a leg for using the Wi-Fi on a plane, most bus companies offer free Wi-Fi. This allows travelers to get important work done or watch the latest episode of their favorite show on Hulu without having to pay an annoying fee.

More Discount Opportunities

When you travel by bus, you can find a ton of discounts and specials to make your travel experience even cheaper. Among the popular specials are student discounts, military discounts, senior citizen discounts and group rates. Special fares may also be offered for day trips to specific places. You can always find something at a discounted price.

Affordable Day Trips and Multi-day Trips

Bus services may also include one-day trips and multi-day trips to several cities in the United States. These trips are usually affordable, and let you create lasting memories in places you have never been. If you were to take a two-day trip by plane, you would end up spending more money on the flight alone than the entire trip by bus.

You Save More Money

When you take the bus, you put more money in your pocket. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get to your destination. This allows you to save more money for trips in the future or for excursions during your current trip.

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