Best Museums in New York City

Interested in going to a museum for the day? See some of the best museums in the world only in New York City. Below is a list of the top museums you’ll want to visit on your next trip to the city.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is New York’s biggest museum, and one of the world’s top art museums. It presents over 5,000 years of art spanning all cultures and time periods. Since the Museum opened its doors in 1880, its footprint has expanded to cover more than two million square feet. Art comes alive in the Museum’s galleries and through its exhibitions and events. Explore highlights of the collection through a variety of tours.

The Museum of Modern Art

Located in the core of midtown Manhattan, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is home to an unmatched collection of modern and contemporary art. From cutting-edge photography, film, design, and performance – you could spend all day getting lost in this museum. It presents a dynamic and diverse offering of some of the most thought provoking art produced today. Not only does the museum offer priceless pieces, but it also includes an attached cinema, amazing gift shop, a sculpture garden with works by Picasso and Rodin, and a high-end restaurant – the Modern.

The Whitney Museum of American Art

Located in Lower Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, the Whitney Museum presents the full range of twentieth-century and contemporary American art, with a special focus on works by living artists. With both indoor and outdoor exhibition space, its collection is arguably the finest holding of twentieth-century American art in the world. Be sure to check out the museum’s signature exhibition, the Biennial, which is the country’s leading survey of the most recent developments in American art.

American Museum of Natural History

Explore the American Museum of Natural History! This 148 year-old museum fills visitors of all ages with a curiosity about all aspects of the universe. From mummies to stars light-years away and different cultures around the world, this colossal museum showcases natural wonders. Find out more about dinosaurs from the American Museum of Natural History, which is home to the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils. Be sure to also check out the museum’s numerous exhibits, currently featuring the Dark Universe Space Show, Earthflight in IMAX, and much more!

Museum of Food and Drink

America’s first museum dedicated to eating, dining, cooking, and food culture is finally here! The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) is a brand new kind of museum that brings the world of food to life with exhibits where you can taste, touch, and smell. The goal of MOFAD is to make people curious about food, understand what food means, and how it connects the world around us. Don’t miss out on this major cultural experience, featuring special talks and tastings!

The Guggenheim

Famous for its landmark building, the Guggenheim is an iconic museum that collects, preserves, and interprets modern and contemporary art. The museum owns Peggy Guggenheim’s collection of cubist, surrealist, and abstract expressionist works, as well as the Panza di Biumo Collection of American minimalist and conceptual art from the 1960s-70s. The Guggenheim also holds the largest collection of Kandinskys in the Unites States. Featuring architecturally and culturally distinct museums, exhibitions, and digital platforms – this museum is a must-see.

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