Yankee Stadium

There are a handful of things closely associated with the Big Apple. One of those things just happens to be the Yankees, an iconic baseball team whose home is in New York City. Whether you’re a long-time baseball fan or you’re catching any other big event, you might be heading to Yankee Stadium. By taking a bus to New York City, you can get to the heart of the city and easily catch a show or a game at the stadium.

Get to Know Yankee Stadium

The original Yankee Stadium was built in 1923. It was nicknamed the House That Ruth Built, honoring the incredible baseball achievements of Babe Ruth himself. That original stadium was entirely replaced by an adjacent structure: The new Yankee Stadium. The new Yankee Stadium is still located in the Bronx, and it has been a staple of New York City since it opened in 2009.

Of course, none other than the New York Yankees play their home games at Yankee Stadium. In addition, New York City FC currently plays their Major League Soccer games at the stadium. In the past, Yankee Stadium has hosted college football games, international soccer championships, hockey games, boxing matches and even university graduation ceremonies. The highest seating capacity at Yankee Stadium is for football games, when over 54,000 fans can be seated at a time.

Taking the Bus to Yankee Stadium

If you’re lucky enough to get tickets to a Yankees game, or if you’re visiting Yankee Stadium for any other event, you’ll have a range of transport options. Heading to New York City is easy to arrange, but one of the best and simplest options is to take the bus. If you’re coming from surrounding states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey or even elsewhere in New York State, bus routes from Martz can take you straight into the city.

Instead of spending time waiting at the airport and going through security, you can relax on a comfortable bus. Rather than worrying about tolls and the high costs of parking your own vehicle in New York City, you can sit back and let someone else handle the driving. To top it all off, taking the bus to New York City is easily one of the most eco-friendly choices out there.

Chartering Buses to Yankee Stadium

Making your way to Yankee Stadium as a group? You can make the entire journey a little more fun and a lot more straightforward by chartering a bus. When you charter the entire bus, you can pick the pickup and the drop-off location. It is entirely possible to get chartered right to the entrance of Yankee Stadium, saving you from getting cabs en masse or trying to secure parking spots.

In addition to being the savvy logistical choice, chartering a bus to Yankee Stadium is simply a lot of fun. You’ll be making the trip with friends, and the ride both ways can be a fun, festive environment. On the way there, compare baseball fan stories with fellow riders. On the way back, recap the highlights of the game. Splitting the cost of a chartered bus also makes it a very reasonable expense, particularly if you’re coming all the way from out of town.

Getting from Port Authority to Yankee Stadium

If you take a bus into New York City, the most common drop-off point is Port Authority. This is a bustling transport center in the city, and there are plenty of ways to get to Yankee Stadium from this bus terminal. Be aware that walking isn’t an option, because the journey is roughly 10 miles each way. However, you can easily grab a taxi, Uber or public transportation options.

Quick Transportation Options to Yankee Stadium from Port Authority

  • Take a taxi or Uber to One East 161st Street in the Bronx. The journey takes anywhere from 15 to 35 minutes depending on traffic.
  • Walk 10 minutes to the 42 St – Bryant Pk Subway Station. Take the D Train North six stops until arriving at the 161 Street – Yankee Stadium Station.