The Wells Fargo Center is a multipurpose venue located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It might be best known for its sporting events, but it has also hosted a number of world-class concerts and political events. If you’re seeing a big show in Philly, then there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing it at the Wells Fargo Center. To get to Philadelphia for events, the bus is a fantastic option. Take a closer look at the Wells Fargo Center, how to get there and why bus transport can be a great option for your next trip to Philadelphia.

Get to Know the Wells Fargo Center

The Wells Fargo Center has been called many different things since it was constructed in 1996. First it was known as the CoreStates Center, then the First Union Center and later the Wachovia Center. It is currently the home of the Philadelphia Flyers NHL team, the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA and the Philadelphia Soul of the AFL. Maximum capacity of the Wells Fargo Center is just over 20,000 for basketball games.

While sports are certainly a big deal in Philadelphia and at the Wells Fargo Center, there is a lot more that goes on there. The Wells Fargo Center is one of the preferred venues in the region, and acts like Ray Charles, Oasis, Pearl Jam and Billy Joel have all performed there. Bruce Springsteen has sold out the entire center a whopping 56 times, a feat that is recognized by a hanging banner within the Wells Fargo Center.

Taking the Bus to the Wells Fargo Center

If you’re heading to Philadelphia from outside of the city, there are several ways for you to travel. One option that is both environmentally friendly and affordable is taking the bus. Martz operates several bus routes that lead right into Philadelphia, putting you close to major events at the Wells Fargo Center.

Rather than fighting with traffic on your own or navigating unfamiliar streets in a new city, you can kick back on the bus. Soak up the sights right from the window, and enjoy the start of your getaway. Riding on the bus is much cheaper since you don’t need to worry about expensive tolls or event parking.

Choosing a Chartered Bus to Get to the Wells Fargo Center

There are plenty of convenient pre-set routes that head to Philadelphia from the surrounding region. If you’re heading to the arena in a group, however, it might be more convenient to charter an entire bus. This is an amazing option that puts you in complete control of your group’s schedule.

You can set the pick-up point, and you can choose the drop-off location. This means you can head straight to the Wells Fargo Center before an event, making the whole process much simpler. You can also have a little more fun on the bus when you’re surrounded by fellow friends, family members or sporting fans. Get geared up for your game or concert and really make the most of the journey.

Getting From Your Bus Drop-Off Point to the Wells Fargo Center

Buses heading into Philadelphia typically drop passengers off at one of two locations: 30th Street Station or the 10th & Filbert Street Bus Terminal. The 30th Street Station is roughly five miles away from the Wells Fargo Center, and you can get there by taxi, Uber or public transport.

From the bus terminal at 10th & Filbert Street, the journey takes roughly the same amount of time. It is too far to walk, but there are plenty of taxis and public transport options available.

Quick Transport Tips to Get You to the Wells Fargo Center

• Hail a cab/Uber from the 30th Street Station. Take I-76 East and expect a 10 to 20 minute drive.

• Hail a cab/Uber from the 10th & Filbert Street Bus Terminal. Take I-95 South and expect a 15 to 25 minute drive.

• From the 30th Street Station, find the Market St & Schuylkill Av – MBNS stop. Take the 40 in the direction of 2nd/Lombard for 17 stops. Transfer to the BSL towards the At&T Station for 5 stops.

• From the 10th & Filbert Street Station, take the MFL from the 11th St Station to the 15th Street Station. Transfer to City Hall Station and go 7 stops until arriving at the AT&T Station.