Rittenhouse Square

If you’re heading to Philadelphia for a cultural event or just for some sightseeing, then you should definitely make time to explore Rittenhouse Square. Also known simply at The Square, Rittenhouse Square is a gorgeous, inviting public park in the heart of Philadelphia. Taking the bus to Philadelphia is a delightful way to explore the city and its many landmarks, including Rittenhouse Square.

Explore Rittenhouse Square

The origins of Rittenhouse Square go back almost as far as the origins of Philadelphia itself. William Penn, famed namesake of Pennsylvania, planned five open-space public parks, and Rittenhouse Square was one of them. Rittenhouse Square is part of the Rittenhouse Fitler Historic District, an upscale neighborhood in the center of the city. As early as the 18th century, the area surrounding the park has been a desirable place to live, work or open a business.

Today, Rittenhouse Square is open to the public. On any given morning, you can see people walking their dogs or going for a peaceful early morning jog. Art is found throughout the park, and the sculptures are landmarks within Rittenhouse Square. Surrounding the park, you’ll find a range of cultural institutions like the Philadelphia Art Alliance, the Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum and even a number of mansions dating back to the Civil War.

Rittenhouse Square is also home to some of Philadelphia’s most exciting cultural events. One of the biggest is the Rittenhouse Square Spring Festival, which is held each May in the park. Other noteworthy events include the Rittenhouse Square Christmas Tree Lighting and the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show.

Taking the Bus to Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia

Whether you’re heading to Rittenhouse Square for a big festival or just for some sightseeing, consider taking the bus to Philadelphia. Thanks to Martz, you’ll find a wide range of regional routes that take you from neighboring cities and states straight to the heart of Philadelphia. Picture the last time you drove into a city like Philadelphia. Did you get lost on one-way streets? Struggle to find a time when traffic wasn’t a problem? Perhaps you paid a small fortune to park close to local attractions. By taking the bus, you can get rid of those concerns and focus on your trip. Compared to the expense and hassle of air travel, bus trips are a breeze. Convenient routes ensure that you can get where you’re going according to your own schedule.

Chartering Buses to Rittenhouse Square in Philly

If you’re part of a group that’s planning a trip to Philadelphia, then chartering a bus can be the perfect means of transport. Traveling as a group makes the trip a little safer, and having the bus to yourself makes it a lot more fun! You’ll also have the flexibility to set your pick up and drop off points. If you’re heading to Rittenhouse Square, you can organize to be dropped off right in front of the park. Your fellow travel companions will definitely appreciate the direct route and how much time you can save with this option.

Getting to Rittenhouse Square From Your Bus Drop off Point

If you opt for a regular bus route into Philadelphia, then you’ll arrive at one of two major bus drop off spots. The first is the 30th Street Station and the second is the bus terminal located on 10th & Filbert Street. From both locations, Rittenhouse Square is easily accessible. You can get to Rittenhouse Square by walking, trolley, taxi or train.

Quick Transport Options to Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia

• From the 30th Street Station, walk across the John F. Kennedy Boulevard Bridge and then take North 20th Street until you arrive at Rittenhouse Square.

• From the 30th Street Station, walk to the 30th St Trolley Station and take the 10, 11, 13, 34 or 36 trolley two stops to the 19th Street Trolley Station, which is a two-minute walk from Rittenhouse Square.

• From 30th Street Station, it is just a one-mile journey by taxi or Uber.

• From 10th & Filbert Street, you can walk to Rittenhouse Square in under 20 minutes. Stroll along Filbert Street, around the Philadelphia City Hall and then along South 18th Street until you reach the park.

• From 10th & Filbert Street, taxis or Uber journeys should take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on traffic.

• From 10th & Filbert Street, walk four minutes to the 8th & Market Street Station and take the rapid transit PATCO train three stops to the 15/16th & Locust Street Station, which is just steps from Rittenhouse Square.