independence hall

For American history buffs, Independence Hall might just be the most historically significant building in the country. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Independence Hall is where key aspects of the American Government were planned and agreed upon.

All About Independence Hall

In 1753, Independence Hall was constructed as legislative building for the Province of Pennsylvania. Built in the Georgian style, the hall boasts a red brick facade, a clocktower and a steeple. Many changes have been made to the building in the years since. A new steeple was added in 1828, the wings have been demolished and rebuilt twice and the current interior was done by the National Park Service to look like it did in the 18th century.

Independence Hall was where the Second Continental Congress met before, during and after the American Revolution. In 1787, it was home to the Constitutional Convention. It is where George Washington was chosen to lead the Continental Army and it is even where the United States Declaration of Independence was approved.

Today, all of this history is visible to visitors who see Independence Hall in person. The hall is part of the larger Independence National Park, which is also home to a museum dedicated to Benjamin Franklin, the United States Postal Service Museum, the First Bank of the United States, the colonial City Tavern and the iconic Liberty Bell. If you’re heading to Philadelphia for sightseeing or museums, then make sure you spend some time at Independence Hall and the surrounding area.

Taking the Bus to Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a major city, and there are plenty of ways to get in and explore. One fantastic way to get to Independence Hall and the many other great attractions in the area is to take the bus. Taking the bus to Philadelphia can greatly reduce the stress and hassle of your next trip. Forget about navigating through a new city or fighting through traffic. By taking the bus, you can relax and enjoy the city views as you approach Philadelphia. Plus, taking the bus means that parking fees will be a thing of the past!

Another benefit of taking the bus to Philadelphia is environmental. Sharing a bus with a group of other passengers is a lot more fuel-efficient than driving a private vehicle. You’ll also be contributing far less pollution into the air. It’s a definite bonus that you can do your part for the planet while relaxing in a comfortable seat on a convenient transport route.

Chartering a Bus to Independence Hall

Independence Hall is a popular place for group visits. Schools, historical societies and clubs of all types head to Independence National Park, and Independence Hall in particular, in order to tour the site in person. History can truly come to life when visitors are allowed to walk in the footsteps of figures like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

If you are planning a group trip to Independence Hall, then it might make sense to charter a bus. Martz operates regular bus routes that depart and return to the surrounding areas but chartering a bus can be amazing. When you charter a bus to Philadelphia, you can set the exact schedule that works best for your group. With private charters, you can drop off just steps from away from Independence Hall.

Getting to Independence Hall from Drop Off Points in Philadelphia

Taking the bus to Philadelphia means that you’ll be close to landmarks like Independence Hall. Martz bus routes will bring you to one of the two most convenient drop off locations in Philly. Martz offers daily route service to 30th Street Station and the bus terminal on 10th & Filbert. Walking is one way to get to your final destination but also ride sharing options, taxis and public transport options are available.

Quick Transport Options to Independence Hall

• From the 10th & Filbert Station, walk less than half a mile along Market Street until arriving at Independence Hall.

• From the 10th & Filbert Station, take a taxi or Uber to 520 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. The car journey to Independence Hall should be under seven minutes.

• From the 30th Street Station, take the Market-Frankford Line five stops to the east and disembark at 5th St Independence Hall Station.

• From the 30th Street Station, take a taxi or an Uber to Independence Hall via I-676 or Market Street. A typical journey takes 15 to 25 minutes.