bus to citi field

In the heart of Queens, New York City, is Citi Field. This baseball venue is home to the New York Mets, making it an iconic destination for sports fans from around the world. If you want to watch the Mets play a home game, then take a bus to Citi Field. You won’t regret it.

Anyone planning a trip to Citi Field should consider getting there by bus. Traveling by bus to New York City is an easier way to explore the Big Apple, see sporting events and make the most of everything the city has to offer.

All About Citi Field

The New York Mets have long been a staple of the NYC sporting scene. From 1964 until 2008, the Mets played at Shea Stadium. In 2009 however, they moved to the brand-new stadium called Citi Field. This venue has a capacity of 45,000, which was only reached for the first time for the 2013 All-Star Game.

Citi Field is largely a baseball stadium, and the New York Mets are the primary reason to attend an event there. However other sporting events and performances occasionally take place at Citi Field. In the past, NHL hockey games, wrestling matches and cricket championships have all been played at Citi Field. While the venue isn’t truly set up to be a performance arena, concerts are sometimes combined with sporting events to allow for music and sports in the same evening.

Taking the Bus to Citi Field

The New York Mets aren’t just a hometown favorite: They are a beloved team with fans from all across the globe. If you’re coming to New York City from out of town to catch a game, then consider taking the bus. Martz operates buses that head from several regional destinations straight to New York City. It is hard to imagine a more comfortable or convenient way to get to the Big Apple.

NYC is widely known for its traffic, and it can be worse than normal on game day. Add to that the high cost of tolls, bridges and parking, and visiting New York City in your car can be a nightmare. Skip all of that hassle by climbing onto an air-conditioned bus, relaxing and watching the gorgeous skyline of NYC unfold as you approach. It is an inexpensive way to truly enjoy your trip to the city.

Chartering Buses to Citi Field

There are many ways to take the bus to New York City. One of the most under-appreciated ways to travel is by chartered bus. Chartering a bus for an event at Citi Field can be a fantastic option for those traveling as a group.

Since you’re setting the itinerary, you can decide on the best pick-up location for the group. For your drop-off spot, you can select Citi Field and bus can drop you off right at Citi Field. Traveling by bus makes it easier than ever to watch the New York Mets live at Citi Field.

Chartered buses are certainly convenient, and they are also less expensive that you might expect. Charted buses are so comfortable when shared by friends and family. Getting to and from Citi Field will be a joy rather than a hassle.

Transport Options to Citi Field from Port Authority

Regular bus routes operated by Martz bring passengers right to one of the biggest transportation hubs in New York City: Port Authority. From Port Authority, you’ll have plenty of options that lead you to Citi Field. Walking is not a viable option, since it is over 11 miles away. However, you can travel by car or by subway to Citi Field.

• From Port Authority, walk to the Times Square-42 Street Station and take the 7 Train 19 stops until arriving at the Mets-Willets Point Station.

• Hail a cab or order an Uber from Port Authority and head to Citi Field on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. The journey can take upwards of 45 minutes on game days.