Multicultural Celebrations in Philadelphia in September of 2019: More Convenient by Bus

Taking the bus to visit Philadelphia – if you live nearby in one of the towns and cities – offers a comfortable and safe trip that surprises many people. You don’t have to worry about traveling in a congested urban environment, and Martz Trailways buses have loads of amenities that you just can’t get with personal transportation – such as the ability to get up and stretch, travel with a larger group and connect to the internet easily on a phone or laptop.

Taking the Bus Is Environmentally Responsible

The bus uses less energy per person than any other type of transportation, and the ride is more comfortable for every passenger. Parents can manage children better with personal attention, games and other diversions. A full bus generates about 350 miles per gallon when the mileage is multiplied by the number of passengers. Trains only get 190 passenger miles per gallon, and fully loaded passenger vehicles average 190 pmpg.

Buses with professional drivers know their routes and can cut through urban traffic with incredible ease. You and/or your family or travel group arrive right in the heart of Philadelphia in comfort, and there are special unloading conveniences that you just don’t get with personal transportation except at very expensive hotels. Traveling to Philly in September offers incredible events and the best weather of the year. Five of the most appealing September 2019 events include:

1. The 2019 Fringe Festival

The 2019 Fringe Festival is a Philadelphia 3-week festival that runs from September 5th through September 22nd, and it’s an excellent attraction for visitors that can be combined with other events. The festival takes place throughout Philly’s neighborhoods in every area of the city with more than 1,000 performances by FringeArts and other independent performers. There is music, food and drink as the party continues into the evening at the FringeArts center on the waterfront of the Delaware River.

You can find out more about the themes and perfrmances at this year’s festival by tuning in to the Happy Hour on the Fringe podcast.

2. Mexican Independence Day Festival 2019

The Mexican Independence Day Festival 2019 is held in Philadelphia in 2019 on Sunday, September 15. The festival ranks as the largest celebration of Mexican Independence in the Delaware Valley, and it features Mexican crafts made by artisans, traditional Mexican food supplied by local vendors and a grand finale fireworks show at Penn’s Landing Great Plaza at 8:00 p.m.

Events include the awarding of the Dr. Jose Castillo Scholarship, folklorico and mariachi demonstrations and activities for the children. The celebration, which is held on the waterfront at Penn’s Landing, ranks as the largest waterfront event in Philadelphia. The festival is held from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

3. Fashion District Philadelphia

On September 19, the Fashion District complex opens for shopping, dining, artistic pursuits, cultural attractions and entertainment. Formerly called the Gallery Mall, Fashion District Philadelphia is located in the heart of Center City where many of the city’s most famous attractions can be found. It’s the ideal spot to enjoy the early fall weather, explore the city’s historic district and relax in the complex to enjoy fashionable clothes, trendy art, interesting exhibits and great food.

There will be periodic special events for fashionistas, fun seekers and foodies throughout the year. The destination makes an ideal place to rendezvous after visiting some of the amazing attractions of Center City.

4. Blocktoberfest

Although the name is misleading, this outdoor neighborhood event is held on Saturday, September 28th, 2019, and not in October. Blocktoberfest celebrates neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia. The festival features many city blocks of food, beer and live music in a wonderful atmosphere for the entire family. You can pay-as-you-go to enjoy special foods and craft beers. The festival is held on South Street between 18th Street and Broad Street.

A wide selection of craft beers and other beverages is available at many locations throughout the festival area, and the proceeds from beer sales are reinvested in Philly’s neighborhoods. More than 10 breweries are usually represented at the festival. Some of the unusual selections include festbiers, pumpkin brews, ryes, ciders, pilsners and more.

5. Puerto Rican Festival Parade

The Puerto Rican Festival Parade features an astonishing day of music, dancing, food and floats, and the parade ranks as Philadelphia’s largest Puerto Rican celebration all year. The parade and festival feature hundreds of performers, celebrities, popular artists, corporate sponsors and youth groups who either march along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway or set up booths on Sunday, September 29th.

Organized by the Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations, the parade starts at 16th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway and ends at Logan Square. After the parade, the festivities continue at Lehigh Avenue and American Street. The parade is broadcast live on television, but the excitement of attending the event raises the level of enjoyment exponentially. The event has continued for more than 50 years.

September Festivals Can Be the Most Enjoyable of the Year

People love the hot weather of summer, but they’re more than ready for a break in the heat. September weather in Philadelphia is incredibly moderate and appealing for festival-goers, and a quick trip to Philly on the bus is convenient for singles, couples, groups and families. Book your festival trip to Philadelphia at Martz Trailways for a perfect excursion without the troublesome details of managing personal travel.