Bus To Please Touch Museum Philadelphia

Philadelphia is packed with things to do for visitors of all ages, but if you’re looking for something to light up the hearts and minds of the child or children in your life, then you’ll want to visit the Please Touch Museum.  Since 1976, Philadelphia’s children’s museum has served as the perfect all-weather attraction kids, with a focus on those between 6 months and 8 years of age.  However, inside, both the young and young at heart are sure to find just the right amount of magic and learning inside the historic halls of the Please Touch Museum.

Located in Fairmount Park, the 157,000 square foot museum – complete for four toddler areas — offers a seemingly endless amount of engaging, enlightening, and exciting things for kids to see and do, but here are just a few of the top exhibitions you’ll want to check out if you visit.

  • Creative Arts Studio

Just added in 2018, this immersive art experience has been a real hit so far. Filled with all sorts of arts-focused goodies, like construction paper, clay, yarn, books, a magnetic mini tile wall, and of course, toys, the new addition is the perfect place to let your little one explores their inner creativity. Feeling creative yourself? Parents are welcome to (and often do) take part in the fun.

  • Healthy Me

Grocery shopping and cooking can seem like chores, but these grown-up tasks are nothing but fun for kids. In the Healthy Me exhibit, little ones get to be the boss as they fill their carts with healthy foods from the supermarket or prepare a signature sandwich at the Bimbo Bakeries USA Bistro. The fun doesn’t stop there, however. Kids can continue to pretend their way through a variety of centers, including the museum’s hospital room and urban garden.

  • River Adventures

 If your little one likes to splash around for hours, as so many do, then this River Adventures exhibit will be a favorite. Here, kids can hone their fine motor skills, get creative, and even get a healthy dose of environmental science as they float boats down the giant river and pump water through tubes and pipes. Plus, toddlers will love to explore in the Nature’s Pond Toddler Area.

  • Woodside Park Dentzel Carousel

Though Philadelphia’s Woodside Park closed in 1955, a piece of the magic lives on in the Please Touch Museum. Built over 100 years ago, the Woodside Park Dentzel Carousel continues to enchant riders who can choose to hop on any number of finely crafted creatures, including cats, rabbits, pigs, and of course, horses. Make sure to take a spin on it before you leave.

  • Centennial Exploration Exhibit

The Please Touch Museum is brimming with past, present, and futuristic fun for children, but if it’s history that catch your attention, then you’ll want to head to the lower level where you can check out the Centennial Exploration exhibit. Though Memorial Hall now serves as the home to the Please Touch Museum, it’s history dates back to 1876 when it was built as part of the first official U.S. World’s Fair. Today, Memorial Hall is one of the last few standing structures from the World’s Fair. As such, the building itself is a testament to history. As you venture about the museum, be sure to check out the structure itself as the kiddos play and make your way to the lower level where you can see a replica of the Centennial Exhibition

.The Please Touch Museum is also welcomes rotating exhibitions throughout the year, so if you’re thinking about visiting, check out their website before you go.


Attractions Near the Philadelphia Museum of Arts

If you’re planning to take a bus to the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum of Arts, you can easily spend the whole day in the museum, but there’s a ton of things to do for the whole family. Here are just a few attractions worth checking:

  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • The Franklin Institute


Taking a Bus to the Philadelphia Touch Museum

Ready to spend the day exploring with your family? Taking a bus to the Philadelphia Touch Museum is one of the best ways to do it. Martz Trailways offers daily line runs to Philadelphia from NY, PA, and NJ locations, so you can relax the whole way instead of navigating traffic on I-76 or I-95.

Plus, when you take a bus to the Philadelphia Touch Museum with Martz Trailways, you can conveniently stow your strollers and other carry-on item – no need to carefully cram everyone and everything into the car. Simply arrive at the Martz departure location of your choice and enjoy the ride – out buses are even equipped with Wifi so you can keep everyone occupied.

Once in Philadelphia, you’ll arrive at either the 30th St. Station or the 10th Street Bus Terminal, both of which are conveniently located so you can have easy access to some of the best spots in the city.


Getting to the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum from the 30th Street Station

By car: Using the car service of your choice – Uber, Lyft, taxi, etc. – you can get to the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum in approximately 7 minutes, depending on traffic. This makes it the fastest way to get there. Just tell your driver to take you to 2955 Market St.

If you’d rather take advantage of public transportation while in the city, you may want to consider getting off at the 10th Street Bus Terminal. There, you can take advantage of a faster and more convenient route than currently available bus routes than currently available from the 30th St. Station.


Getting to the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum from the 10th Street Bus Terminal

By car: Using the car service of your choice – Uber, Lyft, taxi, etc. – you can get to the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum in approximately 17 minutes, depending on traffic. This makes it the fastest way to get there. Just tell your driver to take you to 2955 Market St.

By bus (SEPTA): To take the most direct bus route to the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum, walk about 0.1 miles west on Filbert St. towards N 11st St. Take a quick turn onto N 11th St. and another quick left onto Market St – about a 3-minute walk. You can pick up the 38 Bus at Market St. and 10th St. and get off at the Concourse Dr. & E Rd stop. From there you’ll be able to see the museum. Just take a quick 1-minute walk to the museum’s main entrance.

For a schedule of SEPTA departure times, as well as alternative bus routes from the 30th St. Station and the 10th St. Bus Terminal, visit the SEPTA website.


Chartering a Bus to the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum

The museum is a great place to take a group of children, whether it’s with friends and family or as part of a school or organizational trip. Chartering a Bus to the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum is an affordable and easy way to make that happen. When you charter a bus with Martz, you can pick your place of departure as well as your destination drop-off. That means you can keep everyone in your group together for the duration of the trip. You can also add additional spots to your trip, whether it’s another interesting attraction in the city or just a casual place to grab lunch or dinner. With Martz Trailways, your trip will be stress-free, affordable, and fun for all.