“P” denotes a pickup-only stop; “D” is dropoff-only.

To/From Philadelphia

Departing for Philadelphia

Scranton7:00 am12:55 pm4:00 pm
Wilkes-Barre Terminal7:30 am1:25 pm4:30 pm
Turnpike Exit 958:00 am (P)1:55 pm (P)5:10 pm (P)
Norristown9:30 am (D)3:35 pm (D)6:20 pm (D)
30th Street Station (Amtrak)10:00 am (D)4:05 pm (D)6:50 pm (D)
Philadelphia10:15 am (D)4:20 pm (D)7:10 pm (D)

Departing Philadelphia

Philadelphia11:00 am5:30 pm8:00 pm
30th Street Station (Amtrak)11:15 am5:45 pm8:15 pm
Norristown11:45 am6:15 pm8:45 pm
Turnpike Exit 951:15 pm (D)7:45 pm (D)10:15 pm (D)
Wilkes-Barre Terminal1:45 pm8:15 pm10:45 pm
Scranton2:15 pm (D)8:45 pm (D)11:15 pm (D)

Departing the Poconos for Philadelphia

Stroudsburg 10:00 am
Mt Pocono 10:30 am
Layover in Scranton.203
Scranton12:55 pm
Wilkes-Barre1:25 pm
White Haven1:55 pm
Norristown3:35 pm
Amtrak 30th St. Station4:05 pm
Greyhound 10th and Filbert Station4:20 pm

Departing Philadelphia for the Poconos

Greyhound 10th and Filbert St11:00 am
Amtrak 30th St Station11:15 am
Norristown11:45 am
White Haven1:15 pm
Wilkes-Barre1:45 pm
Scranton2:15 pm
Layover in Scranton127
Scranton3:25 pm
Mt Pocono4:05 pm
Stroudsburg4:30 pm

To/From Atlantic City

Departing for Atlantic City

Tropicana Casino11:50 am D
Wilkes-Barre Terminal6:35 am P
Scranton7:20 am P
Wyoming Valley Mall7:45 am P
Turnpike Exit 958:05 am P
Caesar's Palace11:15 am D
Resorts Casino11:30 am D

Departing Atlantic City

Schedule501 R
Wilkes-Barre Terminal10:55 pm D
Tropicana Casino6:20 pm P
Resorts Casino6:35 pm P
Caesar's Palace6:50 pm P
Turnpike Exit 959:30 pm D
Wyoming Valley Mall9:55 pm D
Scranton10:25 pm D

To/From Bethlehem (Sands Casino)

Departing for Bethlehem, PA (Sands Casino)

Wilkes-Barre Terminal10:20 am P
Wyoming Valley Mall10:35 am P
Scranton11:00 am P
Mt. Pocono11:40 am P
Sands Casino1:00 pm D

Departing Bethlehem, PA (Sands Casino)

Sands Casino6:00 pm
Mt. Pocono6:50 D
Scranton7:15 pm D
Wyoming Valley Mall7:40 pm D
Wilkes-Barre Terminal7:50 pm D