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If there is someone special to you who travels a lot, whether it is for business or pleasure, it can be difficult to find the best gift for them. Keep reading for a list of unorthodox gifts and necessities for the traveler in your life.

Presents Your Traveler Will Love


Obviously, as you travel, you need somewhere to put all your belongings as you are sightseeing and trying new things. Great gift options include backpacks, suitcases, and messenger bags. Another terrific addition to luggage is packing cubes. These cubes are nylon bags that let you organize your bag, compress items so you can fit more, and make packing and unpacking easier and quicker.


In this day in age, we can’t live without technology and neither should your traveler. Invest in a USB battery pack, as they come in different sizes and allow you to charge anything that has a USB outlet (tablet, cameras, smartphones, and select laptops). Charging phone cases are also the worthwhile gift so your traveler can recharge while taking pictures, using the GPS, or calling loved ones during their trip. Noise canceling headphones are another good gift option because they block out any excess noise to make traveling experiences quiet, pleasant, and personal. If your traveler likes having a companion, then a headphone splitter will be a thoughtful and sensible present. It allows you to listen to music and watch TV shows and movies together, rather than fighting and tugging over a single set of earphones.

Books and Magazines

Books and magazines are staples for any expedition. Buy your traveler some classic literature to keep them entertained during day trips that take hours or audiobooks so they can listen to their favorite stories. Guidebooks and informational catalogs about future destinations can help plan your traveler’s next trip and also make a great gift.

Clothing and Accessories

It is always important to pack extra shoes or sets of clothes, as you can never be too prepared for a trip. Gift your traveler hiking boots, boat shoes, or shoes with tread depending on where they are heading off to next; for travelers who prefer to experience destinations on foot, sneakers are definitely a worthwhile purchase. Clothing gifts include jackets, all-climate tracksuits, thermals for cold locations, and bathing suits for warm ones. You can also never go wrong with gifting a hat – not only are they casual and useful in case of a bad hair day, but they protect from the harsh UV rays of the sun.


What better gift to give a traveler than a trip to a new location? Bus, plane, or train tickets to an unexplored destination are bound to make any traveler’s holiday. Travel sites are a convenient way to arrange single or multi-day tours, book full trip itineraries, and find travel packages that will please your traveler while keeping money in your pocket.


While you may not be able to bottle up your traveler’s last incredible adventure, you can give them items to remind them of their amazing escapades. A cork globe or large wall map are a perfect gift to remind the traveler of everywhere they have been, will go, or hope to visit one day. You can also make shadow boxes of postcards, boarding passes, and itineraries, or coasters of the pictures they took at various destinations.

Gift a Martz Group Experience

Whether you’re looking for gifts for your favorite frequent flier or your best travel companion, use the list above to make your gift shopping hassle-free. Martz Group is a leader in providing interactive bus tours and wonderful travel opportunities along the East Coast. Contact us today to learn more about our bus tours and how we can take you where you want to go.