Online Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

          Note: a $2 convenience fee will be required for an online transaction.

  • E-tickets – full fare and party fare tickets can be purchased on line and PRINTED at home. Present your boarding pass and valid photo ID to the driver. These tickets are non-refundable, but may be used to travel on a different date from what was originally selected.
  • Curbside – the Wed/Sat Special from Wilkes Barre or Scranton to NYC can be purchased and PRINTED at home. Present your boarding pass and valid photo ID to the driver. These tickets are non-refundable and limited to the date of travel you select.
  • Commuter products can be purchased on-line when you sign up for a Martz commuter pass account.  Register Now

Yes, you do need your boarding pass for travel.  However there are two options available:

Print Boarding Passes Only

E-mail to Mobile

Your ticket can be scanned from the printed form, smartphone, and/or tablet.  *If you choose the “E-mail to Mobile” option, this must be done for each individual boarding pass.




Then select the highlighted seat number, to view available seating options.  The bus view will display:

seats unavailable – gray

available seating – green

your current seat – yellow

Click one of the green seat numbers to change your seat assignment.  Repeat this step for each individual boarding pass, and then select return to complete the update to the seat assignments.

  • Party of Special’s = 30 days from departure date
  • For E-ticket’s – valid for travel on any date and schedule within the expiration period.  One way tickets are good for 90 days, and round trip tickets are good for 1 year.
  • For Curbside Express – These are valid only for the date you have selected.

You are encouraged to select a preferred travel schedule, but you are not guaranteed a seat on that particular departure.  *Most locations board on a first come first serve basis.  PLEASE BE IN LINE AT LEAST 20 MINUTES PRIOR TO ACTUAL DEPARTURE TIME, TO ENSURE YOUR TRAVEL PLANS ARE NOT DELAYED.  We also recommend that you allow even more time during busy holiday travel periods.

*Only Casino trips and Curbside Express purchases are guaranteed a seat.  These schedules are completely reservation based.

  • This depends on the type of ticket purchased online.  Special fares such as Curbside Express and all Casino trips are both non-refundable and cannot be used on another day.


  • Full Fare and Party Fare Etickets purchased from  may be used for another travel date within the expiration period, no extra steps are needed:
    • One way = 90 days
    • Round trip = 1 year
    • Party of fares = 30 days

For Martz Eticket refund requests please see our refund page for further instructions click the link below:

If you select to purchase a commuter package you will not be asked to pick a schedule. You are able to use your ticket on any one of our schedules for the origin and destination you selected.

Not all online purchases result in an automatic seat reservation.  In the industry most schedules are first come, first serve.  The exceptions are Casino trips and Curbside Express, which allow the customer to choose their seat on the bus after completing the purchase.

Martz does offer some additional reservation options; please click the RESERVATIONS tab to learn more.

All of these discounts may be purchased at our full service terminals, ID may be required.