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Tour the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Spectacular views, steep canyon walls and waterfalls are among the scenic wonders the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania has to offer. You can explore the PA Grand Canyon with family and friends on our breathtaking Martz Tour! You will experience a covered wagon ride into the PA Grand Canyons Upper Gorge along the beautiful Pine Creek and reach the top to overlook the majestic canyons. You’ll also be able to enjoy a nice lunch and explore the downtown of Wellsboro. This Martz Tour is definitely a must see!

Pennsylvania Tour Destinations

Penn Wells Restaurant

As our PA Grand Canyon Tour begins, we’ll start with a hot lunch at Penn Wells Restaurant in Wellsboro, PA. Incorporating the history of Wellsboro and America, lunch at Penn Wells features a selection of delicious meals. You can choose from pork loin, chicken breast, a vegetarian meal and a chicken tenders child meal is available upon request. With high quality food and a historic dining experience, you’re in for a special treat.

PA Grand Canyon

Also known as the Grand Canyon of PA or the Pine Creek Gorge, the PA Canyon area stretches for over 45 miles with depths of nearly 1500 feet. The canyon is part of the Tioga State Forest, beginning just south of Ansonia, PA, near Wellsboro. The PA Grand Canyon offers many attractions and activities – one of the most popular being the Pine Creek Trail. A converted railroad bed, this trail travels along the Pine Creek Gorge at the base of the canyon and a site of an old Indian trail.

After lunch, our tour begins on a horse-drawn covered wagon ride into the PA Grand Canyon’s Upper Gorge along the Pine Creek Trail. Here you can feel the presence of those who have settled and traveled here, as well as the serenity that the PA Grand Canyon exudes. Your ride into the canyons is an adventure on its own – filled with cliff walls, waterfalls and miles and miles of magnificent natural beauty. As you wind your way through the canyon, you’ll reach the PA Grand Canyon Overlook and Visitors Center for great views of this natural wonder.

Downtown Wellsboro

After your adventure through the canyons, you’ll get to enjoy strolling around downtown Wellsboro. With a small-town Victorian charm, Wellsboro, PA is the center for regional activities, hosting many festivals, concerts, and art exhibits. You will find great shopping in this lively downtown area, with antiques, clothing, home decorating, candy and gift stores lining the gas-lighted streets. You can pick something up to bring home with you to remember this amazing experience!

Day Trips with Martz Group

Come enjoy the experience of our PA Grand Canyon tour! Sign up for an unforgettable time with your family and friends, and get to know nature a little better. For more information on our other day trips and multi-day tours, please contact us today. We can’t wait to hear from you!