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Service Announcement for Wednesday 3.21.18

Posted:  3/20/18 4pm


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE – please note if additional travel bans are implemented by the state, ALL Martz service may be cancelled.  Please refer to Martz alerts system for up to date information, to sign up visit main page, scroll to the bottom to sign up for alerts.


The following modified NY schedule is planned departing from Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Mt Pocono, Stroudsburg DWG and Panther Valley to New York Port Authority.  Toby, Economy, Uptown or Downtown service is cancelled.  Tobyhanna tickets will be accepted in MTP.  Economy Tickets can be exchanged by a DWG Agent, please allow some extra time if exchange is needed (no fee).


Run # Available Departures to NY Port Authority
341 4:00am DWG to NY
101 4:05am WB / 5:05am MTP to NY
175 4:10am MTP / 4:35am DWG to NY
103 4:10am WB / 4:15am WVM / 4:45am SCR / 5:50am DWG to NY
339 4:30am MTP / 4:55am DWG to NY
153 4:45am DWG to NY
165 5:05pm DWG to NY
323 5:15am WB / 5:45am SCR / 6:50am DWG to NY
171 6:00am PV to NY
115 6:45am WB / 7:20am SCR / 8:20am DWG to NY


Run # From New York Port Authority Gate
350 8am to DWG, PNR, MTP, Water parks 23
102 8:30am to DWG, PNR, SCR, WVM, WB 25
Extra 9:30am to DWG, PNR, SCR, WVM, WB 31
Extra 10:30am to PV, DWG, PNR, MTP 29
104 11am to DWG, PNR, SCR, WVM, WB 27
Extra 12pm to DWG, PNR, SCR, WVM, WB 31
Extra 12:30pm to PV, DWG, PNR, MTP 29
106 1pm to DWG, PNR, MTP, SCR, WVM, WB 27


Philadelphia Schedule 3/21/18 – all service suspended between WB/SCR/Norristown/Philadelphia

Cancelled #201 7am SCR / 7:30am WB/ 8:05am X95/ 9:30am Norr/ 10am AMT/ 10:15am Phila
Cancelled #202 11am Phila/ 11:15am AMT/ 11:45am Norr/ 1:15pm X95/ 1:45pm WB/ 2:15pm SCR
Cancelled #203 12:55pm SCR/ 1:25pm WB/1:55pm X95/ 3:35pm Norr/ 4:05pm AMT/ 4:20pm Phila
Cancelled #208 5:30pm Phila/ 5:45pm AMT/ 6:15pm Norr/ 7:45pm X95/ 8:15pm WB/ 8:45pm SCR


Key – New York Schedule Stops
BLK-Blakeslee  BRD-Brodheadsville  DWG-Stroudsburg/Delaware Water Gap   EFF-Effort
MTP-Mt Pocono   PV Panther Valley   PNR-Martz Park n Ride, Rte 447 North Smithfield Twp
SCR-Scranton  SNY-Snydersville   SR209-State Route 209, Marshalls Creek
X310 – State Park and Ride Exit 310 off I-80   TAN – Tannersville    TBY– Tobyhanna
WB- Wilkes Barre   WVM – Wyoming Valley Mall   West End– Effort, Snydersville & Brodheadsville
Port – NY Port Authority Bus Terminal   WS – Downtown Wall Street    Uptown – Madison 46th/47th
Key – Philadelphia Schedule Stops
WB – Wilkes Barre   SCR – Scranton   X95 – White Haven McDonalds (Turnpike Exit 95)   
NORR – Norristown PA    AMT- Amtrak 30th St Station   Phila – Greyhound Station (10th & Filbert)