Martz NY & Philly Schedules Thursday 3/26 & Friday 3/27

Posted: 3/25/2020 3:30pm


To allow our customers working in essential, life-sustaining businesses time to find alternative travel to work, we will operate through the end of this week.  Our last day of service will be Friday, March 27, with a targeted return date of Monday, April 13.  We apologize to our loyal customers who must find alternative means of travel to work during this time.  We recognize that many of you are essential employees in life-sustaining businesses and simply cannot work from home.  We can assure you that Martz will be here to support our dedicated and valued customers moving forward from this crisis.

NEW Terminal Hours

Martz PNR is closed until further notice

3:30am-8pm M-F
7:30am-8pm Saturday & Sunday

3:30am-11:30am M-F
7:30am-3:30pm Saturday & Sunday

6:30am-2:30pm (ticket counter)
6:30am-6:30pm (lobby) – 7 days a week

6:30am-2:30pm (counter & lobby) – 7 days a week

Run#Departures to NY Port Authority Monday-Friday
3653:30am DWG to Port & WB
3414:00am DWG to Port & WS
1034:00am WVM, 4:30am SCR, 5:10am MTP, 5:35am DWG to Port & Uptown
1014:05am WB, 5:05am MTP, 5:35am DWG to Port and WS
1754:10am MTP, 4:35am DWG to Port & WS
3334:15am DWG to Port & WS
3394:30am MTP, 4:55am DWG to Port & WS
1534:45am DWG, 5:15am PV to Port & WS
1655:05am DWG to Port & Uptown
1875:10am DWG to Port & WS
1695:30am DWG, 6am PV to Port & WS
1156:45am WB, 6:55am WVM, 7:30am SCR, 8:10am MTP, 8:30am DWG
1179:55am WB, 10:05 WVM, 10:30am SCR, 11:10 MTP, 11:35am DWG
32912:00pm MTP, 12:30am DWG
1272:50pm WB ,3:25pm SCR, 4:05pm MTP, 4:30pm DWG
1316:05pm WB, 6:40pm SCR, 7:20pm MTP, 7:45pm DWG
Run#Gate #Departures from NY Port Authority Monday-Friday
102258:30am Port to DWG / MTP / SCR / WVM / WB
1042711:00am Port to DWG / MTP / SCR / WVM / WB
11031 1:45pm Port to DWG / MTP / SCR / WVM / WB
304292:30pm Port to DWG / MTP
118253:00pm Port to DWG / MTP
166313:25pm Port to PV / DWG / MTP
184 314:00pm Port to DWG / MTP
148 274:20pm Port to PV / DWG / MTP
118 254:30pm Port to DWG / MTP / SCR / WVM / WB
178235:05pm Port to DWG / MTP
198255:45pm Port to PV / DWG / MTP
138296:30pm Port to DWG / MTP / SCR / WVM / WB
300277:00pm Port to PV / DWG / MTP
310238:00pm Port to DWG / MTP
1962310:00pm Port to PV / DWG / MTP / SCR / WVM / WB
1462912:30am Port to DWG / MTP / SCR / WVM WB

Philadelphia – Thursday 3/26 & Friday 3/27

Run 201 – 7am SCR, 7:30a WB, 8am X95, 9am AWN, 9:30am QKR, 10:35am AMT, 10:50am Philly

Run 203 – 1:30pm SCR, 2pm WB, 2:30p X95, 3:30pm AWN, 4pm QKR, 5:05pm AMT, 5:20pm Philly

Run 202 – Philly 11:30am, AMT 11:45a, QKR 12:45pm, AWN 1:10pm, X95 2:10pm, WB 2:45pm, SCR 3:10pm

Run 208 – Philly 6:30pm, AMT 6:45pm, QKR 7:45pm, AWN 8:10pm, X95 9:10pm, WB 9:40pm, SCR 10:10pm

Key - New York Schedule Stops

  • BLK – Blakeslee
  • BRD – Brodheadsville
  • DWG – Stroudsburg/Delaware Water Gap
  • EFF – Effort
  • MTP – Mt Pocono
  • PV – Panther Valley
  • PNR – Martz Park n Ride, Rte 447 North Smithfield Twp
  • SCR – Scranton
  • SNY – Snydersville
  • SR209 – State Route 209, Marshalls Creek
  • X310 – State Park and Ride Exit 310 off I-80
  • TAN – Tannersville
  • TBY – Tobyhanna
  • WB – Wilkes Barre
  • WVM – Wyoming Valley Mall
  • West End – Effort, Snydersville & Brodheadsville
  • Port – NY Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • WS – Downtown Wall Street
  • Uptown – Madison 46th/47th