Taking the bus to work can make you happier!

Commuting can take up a large part of your day, but at Martz, we have some suggestions on how to make the best of it. Here are seven tips that will make your daily commute more enjoyable.

7 Tips for a Less Stressful Commute

1. Turn off Your Email

Don’t start your work earlier than you have to. Unless you’re scheduled for an important conference call, don’t check your email during your commute. Rather than answering emails, take the time for yourself.

2. Meditate

The morning commute to the office is the perfect time to find your center. Before your hectic workday, close your eyes, breathe deeply in and let your mind drift to a happier place. Start every morning with just a couple of minutes of meditation, increasing the length of each session, as it gets easier for you.

3. Listen to a Podcast

Dive into the world of podcasts where you can learn how to save money, a new language or just simply lose yourself in a hilarious recap of your favorite show. If your commute is 30 minutes to an hour, your favorite podcast may want you to commute even a little longer before you reach your office. Take the opportunity to download a few podcasts on your phone to see what may interest you. It never hurts to try new things!

4. Listen to Relaxing Music

Although it may be tempting, listening to high-energy music in the morning can actually make your commute more stressful. Listening to classical music, jazz or light pop can make for a calmer and overall safer trip. If you’re taking the bus, this type of soothing music can help you feel relaxed before starting your day and help you de-stress on your evening commute.

5. Loosen Up & Sit Straight

Sitting for a long period of time is unhealthy. However, most of our commutes, and even our jobs, require us to sit. After sitting in an office chair all day, stretch before you start your evening commute. Loosen up your chest and hip flexors, and fight the urge to slump.

Most importantly, while you’re sitting during your commute, watch your posture. While taking the bus, sit at the edge of your seat, keep your feet flat on the floor, and draw your navel up and in – lifting up through the top of your head. Make sure you hold this position for 20 seconds, and then relax and repeat the process over.

6. Commute with a Friend

Instead of commuting alone, find a friend to share the ride with you. Spending time alone on your commute can cause feelings of unhappiness and isolation. While taking the bus, you have more opportunity for social interactions. Take this opportunity to chat with someone new, but if you’re too shy, having a friend travel with you can make the commute go even faster.

7. Take Transportation

Depending on the city you live in, transportation can often be less stressful. A study conducted by the University of East Anglia found that commuters who took a form of transportation were much happier than those who drove to work. The researchers stated that commuting is beneficial, as it combines social interaction and physical activity. You have the ability to socialize with friends, and be active walking to your bus stop destination.

Commute on the Bus with Martz

Make your morning less stressful and commute with Martz! We offer 59 daily departures from multiple locations and numerous commuter ticket packages for you to choose from. We’ll make your commute to New York City, Philadelphia or Scranton more enjoyable than before. Take a look at our bus schedule to start planning your route, or contact us today for more information!