Kalahari Resort in the Pocono Mountains

It is hard to imagine a single destination that can appeal to all ages. At Kalahari Resort in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, however, there really is something for everyone. Aside from having a waterpark, Kalahari has several restaurants, a spa, stores and can also hold meetings and conventions. Best of all, Kalahari Resort is easily accessible by bus from New York City.

Getting to Kalahari Resort in the Poconos is a breeze thanks to Martz. You can take the bus from New York City, cutting out hassles like traffic and tolls. Enjoy the scenery as you take the bus and make the most of the short journey. Whether you’re snagging individual bus tickets or chartering a van or bus for an event, this is definitely one of the best ways to arrive in style at Kalahari Resort.


Sometimes, a vacation is all about relaxing. Other times, it is all about having as many experiences and adventures as possible. At Kalahari Resort, there is a long list of experiences suitable for all ages. Start with the rides and slides of the indoor waterpark. These are a highlight for many guests, and it is easy to see why.

There is also plenty to do out of the water at Kalahari Resort. Tee off with some mini golf, or have the whole family get together at the end of the day with a thrilling showing at the 7-D movie theater. From virtual reality to escape rooms and mini golf, there is no such thing as boredom at Kalahari Resort in the Poconos.


With so much to do at Kalahari Resort, you’re bound to get hungry. The good news is that there are several fantastic dining options available. Start the day at Java Manjaro for a caffeine boost or bring the kids along to the Kalahari Character Breakfast. Grab a quick bite or a refreshing drink with several waterpark dining options or pick up something to go at the Marrakesh Market. Foodies certainly won’t be disappointed with the world-class dining options.

Pamper Yourself

At the end of every great vacation, you should feel relaxed and refreshed. If you’re more interested in pampering yourself, head to the Kalahari Spa and Salon. Start or end your session at the spa by taking advantage of all the amenities, some which include features like an herbal-infused steam room, a spacious jacuzzi and a dry redwood sauna.


There are two reasons to go shopping while on vacation. The first is to pick up souvenirs from your trip, both for yourself and for your loved ones. The second is to grab smaller items that you might have forgotten to bring along. At Kalahari Resort in Pennsylvania, shops are available that can meet both of those needs.


A wedding should be a time of celebration, romance and fun. It shouldn’t be stressful, and it shouldn’t be focused on logistics instead of the celebration. That’s why so many people decide to mark the special occasion at Kalahari Resort in the Pocono Mountains.

Guests will appreciate that they can attend the reception and then unwind with onsite accommodation. Of course, there are also gorgeous spaces designed to ensure that your big day is a stunning event that you’ll always remember. Cheers to that!

Meetings and Conventions

Finding the right spot for a meeting or a convention can be tricky. It should ideally be in a convenient location, but having a fresh atmosphere is also key. Kalahari Resort is easily accessible by bus from New York City and Pennsylvania, and you could even charter a luxury van that takes you right to the resort.

Once you’re at the Kalahari Resort, the facilities are impressive. Huge convention spaces suit bigger events, and there are also plenty of smaller rooms available. When the workday is through, there is plenty to occupy just about everyone.

Waterpark Reviews & Editor’s Choice

Experience unforgettable family time and memories at Kalahari Waterpark. With 220,000 feet of fun, you can splash in the wave pool, zoom down one of the many thrilling waterslides, or enjoy the rush of indoor surfing when you’re at this iconic indoor waterpark. Below, are some of the exciting and relaxing rides the waterpark has to offer.

5 Stars ***** Anaconda

Unlike any other thrill ride around, hang on to your raft as you and your family experience the sharp turns and high-speed plunges of the Anaconda. This fast and furious water coaster features gushing geysers, gut-wrenching drops, and breakneck climbs to create the ultimate trip!

5 Stars ***** Elephant’s Trunk

Twirl uncontrollably in this incredible tube slide that takes you outside of the waterpark, splashing right back down into the Lazy River. Get swept away on this fun ride.

5 Stars ***** FlowRider

Test your bodyboarding or surfing skills on the FlowRider! With 50,000 gallons of water flowing under you each minute, you’ll feel like you’re really surfing out in the ocean on this exciting ride.

4 Stars **** Sahara Sidewinders

An indoor looping waterslide, the Sahara Sidewinder takes you from 250ft above to an amazing splashdown below!

5 Stars ***** Screaming Hyena

Drop into a near-vertical plunge at up to 25 miles per hour on the Screaming Hyena! Feel the adrenaline rush as a trapdoor opens beneath your feet and you soar down this exhilarating ride.

4 Stars **** Splashdown Safari

Step into the wild side! Splashdown Safari is the ultimate kid’s dream, featuring net crawls, fun slides, and interactive water fun! Kids can splash in the fountains and squirt water guns at each other all day long.

Editor’s Choice 5 Golden Stars ***** Wild Wildebeest

One of the wildest raft rides, the Wild Wildebeest offers deep caverns and gushing waterfalls. Skyrocket through a dark tube as you face zero-g oscillations, sweeping up and across its immense wall. With some of the longest hang times, you’ll practically defy gravity before sweeping back down.

Relaxing Water Rides

4 Stars **** Indoor/Outdoor Family Whirlpool

Experience total relaxation in one of the two indoor/outdoor whirlpool spas at Kalahari. No matter the weather, immerse yourself in the hot water of the whirlpool and sit back as the water loosens your muscles.

4 Stars **** Lazy River