Attention Mt Pocono Customers: Martz has been testing our new “Commuter Card” option with a small group of Stroudsburg Customers and today we are opening the Commuter Card option up to our Mt Pocono Customers.  Please call 570-821-3838 to speak with a member of our Call Center during business hours, Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Currently we are accepting Mt Pocono Commuters, and plan to extend this to other locations including Tobyhanna and Stroudsburg at a later date.

What is a Commuter Card?  A commuter card is a QR code that is tied to your Martz Customer Account.  This QR code can be rescanned multiple times based on how many “commuter passes” you have available.

What is a Commuter Pass?  A commuter pass is the commuter package you purchase such as a Weekly Saver, Ten Trip or Monthly, to name a few that is tied to your Commuter Card.

What are the benefits of the Commuter Card?  Once your account/card is set up, you can reload your commuter card anytime by purchasing online or using the Martz mobile site PLUS customers using this Commuter Card will, in the near future, receive benefits of a loyalty program.  The same MTP Commuter Packages you currently buy in person will be available to purchase on line using your reloadable Commuter Card.

Can I still buy my tickets at the station if I have a Commuter Card?  YES you can, you can choose to buy online or visit a Martz Agent in either Mt Pocono or Stroudsburg.  Purchasing from an AGENT is necessary if you intend to use more than 1 form of payment or if you are using a transit benefit card (Wageworks, Transit Check, etc).

Can I buy monthly parking online?  No, all parking passes at this time must be purchased in person.