See thousands of beautifully carved pumpkins illuminate the night at the Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular.

Salem and Providence Halloween Tour   

The New England area clearly is unmatched when it comes to chilling ghost tales and supernatural delight. The cities of Salem, MA and Providence, RI have a longstanding reputation of housing unnerving occurrences and ghostly events. Those brave enough to see for themselves can purchase tickets for the Salem and Providence Halloween Tour – a unique bus excursion that takes guests to a variety of tours and events throughout the area.

Providence Ghost Tour

The town of Providence is one rich in history. That same history has been lingering around the quaint-yet-eerie area, bringing ghost stories of all kinds to life since its humble beginnings. In the darkest hours of night, the Providence Ghost Tour guides you down to the historic East Side, sending chills down your spine with the stories they tell.

Salem Walking Tour

It’s no secret that Salem is the hub of all things spooky, from the early days of the Salem Witch Trials, to the strange occurrences that still take place there to this day. The Salem Walking Tour, led by only the best historians and folklorists in the area, is one of the best ways to learn about downtown Salem. It’s guaranteed to entertain all who participate.

Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour of Salem

Run by the oldest professional walking tour company in Salem, the Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour does more than just point out historical buildings and famed locations. Tour guides spend a majority of the time detailing the many true accounts of paranormal activity that take place in the present day, leaving the crowd coming back for more every year.

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

Providence hosts one of the largest gatherings of Halloween every year – the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. During the celebration, thousands of locally grown, beautifully carved pumpkins illuminate the night, creating a truly spectacular sight.

Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum showcases and recreates the 20 innocent people who were put to death during the Witch Hysteria in the city, circa 1692. The main presentation is nothing short of dramatic, based on the trial documents from that time. Life-size stage sets, amazing narration and chilling figures will make visitors feel as though they are truly reliving the Salem Witch Hunt.

“Cry Innocent” Performance

A tradition in the city of Salem, the famous “Cry Innocent” performance is a genuine crowd pleaser. Men and women reenact Bridget Bishop’s arrest in the middle of the street, which eventually leads into a theatre for a full on performance of this 17th-century historical event.

Book Your Bus Tour to New England

At Martz Group, we aim to provide you with an unforgettable experience, providing you with unbeatable, safe and reliable service. The Salem and Providence Halloween Tour doesn’t just consist of visiting these spooktacular walkthroughs and events. The tour also provides visitors with two nights of lodging, two hot breakfasts and two dinners as well. For incredible service and a haunting good time, contact us to book this tour today!