Thousands of travelers to urban hotspots follow the traditional formula for a vacation: overspending on train, plane or car travel, fighting traffic congestion in the city and getting worn out and stressed before arriving at their destinations. Bus travel to a nearby urban center, however, lets you explore attractions and events close to home – without worrying about traffic, parking, designated drivers or airport security checks. Take the bus to Philly and relax on the way.

Taking Martz Trailways to Philly in February is a great idea to fight the winter blues. You can travel with a favorite group or plan a romantic celebration for Valentine’s Day. You can let the professional drivers deal with snow and ice, traffic, parking and logistics. You’ll arrive fresh after your short and comfortable trip, and you might even meet some new friends on the bus.

Philadelphia Pulls Out the Stops for Winter Events

If you live in one of the smaller towns in the Philadelphia area, there might not be much going on at home this winter – except for a steady stream of politicians campaigning for president. However, Philly offers some great ideas for Valentine’s Day, Leap Day and winter activities that you won’t find in smaller towns. Five of the best Philadelphia attractions for February of 2020 include:

1. Philly Theatre Week

Philly Theatre Week 2020 runs from February 6 to February 16, and the 10-day celebration includes Valentine’s Day. It’s a great way to share a theater production with a special someone for romance. Live plays and musicals generate overwhelming empathy, emotion and tears of happiness. Greater Philadelphia ranks as one of the most vibrant and successful regions for live theater in the United States.

This year, some of the choices include runs longer than just the 10 days of the official celebration, so check for play dates. Some of the shows available during Philly Theatre Week include:

  • A Hundred Words For Snow
  • The Amen Corner
  • Orphans
  • Osceola

There will also be workshops, readings, interactive events and meet-and-greets among the 300-plus events scheduled during the week.

2. Getaway at the Greenhouse

They must have had bus travelers in mind when they organized Getaway at the Greenhouse. The Fairmount Park Horticultural Center hosts this popup event that delivers tropical fun for all ages in the middle of a February winter in Philly. The greenhouse will feature tropical settings that include The Beach, The Jungle, The Lawn, The Midway and The Campground.

There will be plenty of vendors, petting animals for the kids, food trucks and picnic settings for family fun in a tropical setting. Events include dancing, storytelling and more. Chase away the winter blues with this popup event out of the blue.

3. Black History Month Plus an Extra Day

This is a leap year, and February has an extra day for celebrating Black History Month. Multiple attractions throughout Philadelphia are joining the celebration with special exhibits, discussions, performances, entertainment and targeted programming. Some of the city’s cultural attractions that are participating include the National Constitution Center, the Free Library of Philadelphia, Brandywine Museum of Art and The African American Museum in Philadelphia.

You can enjoy tours, speakers, panel discussions, handouts and specialty vendors at various locations throughout the city. Leap Year is very special in 2020 because Leap Day falls on a Saturday, and the whole month is bracketed by Saturday fun and educational experiences – from Saturday, February 1 to Saturday, February 29.

4. Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia

Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia offers visitors to the city of brotherly love, as always, but romantic love is also on tap at the city’s bars, restaurants, inns, cruise shi

[ps and attractions. Many eateries are offering prix fixe romantic meals for two, multi-course gourmet dinners featuring aphrodisiac foods and intimate performances.

You’d better hurry because getting reservations for Valentine’s Day can be a challenge on the second busiest restaurant day of the year. You might look a little further ahead and book a long weekend of events for a once-in-a-lifetime Valentine’s Day weekend that begins on Thursday, February 14 and ends on Sunday or Monday morning. There will be plenty of events and entertainment to last the weekend – such as enjoying waffle cones at The Franklin Foundation, catching a show, attending a wine tasting or even visiting the Philadelphia Auto Show – if that’s something both of you would enjoy.

5. Leap Day Events

2020 is a leap year, and February gets an extra day. This year, Leap Day falls on a Saturday, so you can expect lots of celebrating, marriages, drinking and carousing. offers a list of drinking celebrations throughout the city.

If Leap Day is your birthday, you deserve a little extra attention to compensate for an inconvenient birth date. The Melting Pot is offering free food to anyone with a valid ID who shows a date of birth on February 29. There are all kinds of citywide specials, parties, bar crawls and even a special day at the zoo, which features all kinds of “leaping” animals.

Cheek-to-cheek Dancing and More

When you schedule a trip to Philly in February, it’s easy to forget about winter and enjoy a little “me” time – for romance, doing your favorite things and dancing cheek-to-cheek. You can travel with your friends, create a regular Leap Day event every four years and enjoy greater personal attention when city events are not as crowded as summer or the frantic December holiday season. Book your trip at Martz Trailways.