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Go Green & Buy a Bus Ticket

Whether a person is setting off on a quick trip around town or a longer journey to a new destination, taking the bus offers plenty of benefits. Rather than dealing with the stress of navigating through a busy city and paying for pricey parking, it is possible to enjoy the journey. While taking the bus is a great choice on a personal level, it is also good for the environment. Check out some of the many environmental benefits and buy a bus ticket!

Fewer Cars on the Road = Cleaner Air

Every time a person takes a bus instead of a private vehicle, they are reducing the number of cars on the road. There are several reasons why that is a savvy move, starting with the fact that it reduces traffic. If more people relied on public transport rather than driving their own vehicle, journeys by road would be a lot faster thanks to less congestion.

Even more importantly, fewer cars on the road means less pollution going into the air. In certain cities, air quality is at an all-time low. While there are many contributing factors to bad air quality, an increased number of cars on the road certainly isn’t helping.

Modern buses are designed to emit less carbon monoxide as well as fewer hydrocarbons. That can improve air quality and do more to protect the ozone layer around the world. Those who want to do their part to have cleaner air in a city can start by taking the bus on a regular basis.

Reduced Use of Fossil Fuels

In addition to cleaner air, taking the bus means the reduced use of fossil fuels. A fully occupied bus is a whopping six times more fuel efficient than a car with a single driver. Many individuals are eager to protect the environment and create a smaller environmental footprint. While there are lots of smaller efforts people can take to make a difference, one of the biggest is to get into the habit of relying on public transportation. Each mile traveled on a bus rather than in a private vehicle saves precious fossil fuels.

In places like the United States, gas and diesel are still relatively affordable. However, extracting fossil fuels from the Earth can do tremendous environmental damage. There are serious concerns over issues like fracking, and fossil fuels often come from beautifully preserved spaces like protected areas in Alaska’s wilderness. Cut back on the impact on the environment by reducing the use of fossil fuels and taking the bus whenever possible.

Fewer Parking Lots = More Green Space

When there are hundreds of thousands of cars on the road, there need to be a lot of parking spaces available for them all. Some estimates reveal that in the United States alone, there are more than 800 million parking spaces! Obviously, having so many parking lots and parking garages dotting the landscape will take a toll on the environment.

In many cities, green parks and public spaces are the first to be removed in order to accommodate more parking lots. While lots of people take issue with this, it’s a reality of life unless public transport is used more often. Instead of needing parking at home, work and on vacation, people can do their part to protect green spaces by taking the bus rather than driving a personal car.

Buy a bus ticket and make the smart choice. With the convenient bus routes offered by Martz Trailways, it is easier than ever to make the environmentally sound choice and opt to take the bus.