Get out of the busy city to zip-line in the Pocono Mountains.

Outdoor Adventures in the Poconos

The hustle and bustle of New York City is both amazing and enticing. But even for people who’ve lived in New York their entire lives, the constant sounds, bright lights and plethora of buildings can become too much to handle. With summer here and the beautiful weather ahead, those who live in the Big Apple should take a much-needed break and take a trip to the stunning Pocono Mountains for some nature-filled fun.

1.     Zip-line among mountaintops.

For the true thrill-seekers, zip lining high above the treetops, rivers and striking landscape – amidst the Pocono Mountain tops – is an excellent way to experience the natural beauty of the state. There are a few different venues that offer zip lining, including Camelback Mountain Adventures and Pocono Zip Racer at Fernwood Resort.

2.     Take a scenic bike ride.  

Those who normally take a bike to get from point A to point B throughout New York City will definitely appreciate a change of scenery. From skyscrapers to waterfalls and wildlife, anyone who rents a mountain bike in the Pocono Mountains will thoroughly enjoy riding through the trails, which range from beginner to advanced, depending on where you go. Pennsylvania’s national parks are all easily accessible and visitor-friendly, so newcomers need not be shy. Ask a park ranger or staff member about the best trails to hit, and which views are a must-see.

3.     Hike through the forest.

The Pocono Mountains consist of 2,400 miles of pure outdoor bliss, with a natural landscape that both humans and animals can appreciate, and peacefully coexist in. A hike through this wonderful place is one of the best ways to spend a long weekend. Nothing can compare to the dense, thick forests that are filled with rare plants, flowers and astonishing sights, which can be seen by those who set out on foot to admire them. There are innumerable hiking trails, and each one varies. Some trails are great for a good workout, while others are extremely educational. Almost all are full of one-of-a-kind sights.

4.     Enjoy the water.

Not including the rivers, streams and wetlands, the Pocono Mountains contain 150 lakes – so there are endless choices to make in regard to which ones you’d like to see the most. Boat tours are a great way to go about adventuring on the water, and many of the lakes allow visitors to rent canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, tubes, rafts, jets skis and hydro bikes. Lake Wallenpaupack is a popular area – and the third-largest, man-made lake in Pennsylvania. But there are even more bodies of water you can explore. If you’re not much of the boating type, swimming is always a simple way to cool off. A handful of waterparks are also available for some true summertime family fun.

5.     Indulge in friendly competition.

A game of golf is even better when there’s a killer backdrop involved, and the Poconos is the perfect location for it. Each golf course contains a picturesque setting, including smaller private golf clubs and public, expansive resort systems. What’s more, the terrains always prove to be challenging, which is a big reason why so many of the greats – including Donald Ross, Jack Nicklaus and Rocky Roquemore – have both played and built their own courses in the area. Plenty of golf packages exist within local hotels and resorts throughout the Poconos, which offer great deals, accommodations and use of courses.

Take the Bus to the Poconos

The definition of “paradise” might be different for everyone, but taking a bus to the Pocono Mountains is certainly as close as it gets. At Martz Group, we offer safe, reliable and courteous bus services for New York City residents to travel to and from the Poconos. Our bus schedules from New York City to the Poconos run throughout the week and weekend for your convenience. Purchase a ticket online or contact us today for more information on our bus schedules and fares.