Fillmore Philadelphia by Bus

Fillmore is a name bursting with cultural significance. The very first Fillmore Auditorium opened in San Francisco in the 1960s. With it’s growing popularity, several more venues have been created throughout the country. The newest addition is the Fillmore Philly. This incredible venue is a versatile space that hosts a wide range of music events throughout the year. If you’re a music fan and you’re heading to a show in Philly, there’s a good chance you are heading to the Fillmore. Traveling to the Fillmore Philadelphia by bus is an excellent way of getting to the city affordably leaving room in your budget for upgraded seats. Martz Trailways offers route service to 30th Street Station and there are many options to reach your final destination.

All About the Fillmore Philadephia

One of the most interesting things about the Fillmore is it’s location. It was originally built as a factory with a history dating back to the 19th century. The Fillmore renovated the factory to become a venue while maintaining the unique quirks of the building’s heritage. Some of the walls still bear colorful graffiti and the concrete definitely gives off industrial vibes.

There is also clearly a hint of 1960s nostalgia evident at the Fillmore. Notably, there is a vintage VW bus that sits in the lobby of the building from which you can buy merchandise.

The Fillmore Philly is technically three distinct spaces. First, there is a main room with a capacity of over 2,500 music lovers. There is also a smaller venue called the Foundry, which can fit 450 people. The Foundry is often where up-and-coming artists will perform. Finally, there is Ajax Hall, which is a charming bar where you can grab a drink or a snack before or after the show. Although big names often perform at the Fillmore Philly, this is a venue preferred by touring and indie bands. There are also comedy shows, pop concerts and a wide range of cultural events that take place in the venue.

Taking the Bus to Philadelphia

There are plenty of great reasons to visit Philadelphia. Catching a show at the Fillmore Philly is just one of many ways to have fun in the City of Brotherly Love. Instead of starting your trip by fighting through traffic and struggling to find parking, consider taking the bus to Philadelphia instead.

Taking the bus to Philly means that you can truly kick back and enjoy the journey. Admire the view as you head into the city and know that you’re helping the environment by not taking your own car. Since Martz operates regular bus routes to Philly from surrounding cities and states, you can find a convenient route that suits your schedule and your destination.

Chartering a Bus to the Fillmore

Another fantastic option for anyone heading to the Fillmore is a chartered bus. Instead of a regular bus route, you can choose the pickup point as well as the final destination. Gather a group of your friends and head straight to the Fillmore. Avoid the hassle of navigating through the streets of Philly with people who have similar interests. Along the way, blast your favorite tunes or just chat about your top bands. By splitting the cost of a chartered bus among all the passengers, it becomes a very reasonably priced way to get to a show.

Getting from the Drop-off Location to the Fillmore Philly

If you take the bus to Philadelphia with Martz, then you’ll arrive at one of the two main transport hubs in the city. The first is the 30th Street Station and the second is the bus terminal at 10th & Filbert Street. While you can technically walk from both to the Fillmore, the journey would be at least 45 minutes each way. Fortunately, there are alternatives that include taxis, Uber and the train.

Quick Transportation Options to the Fillmore

• From 30th Street Station, hop right onto SEPTA and ride it eight stops until you get to Girard Station, which is a five-minute walk to the Fillmore Philly.

• From the 10th Street Bus Terminal, take SEPTA from the 11th Street Station for five stops. Then, disembark at Girard Station and walk to the Fillmore.

• From either drop-off location, hail a taxi or an Uber and head to 29 East Allen Street, Philadelphia. Both journeys should take no longer than 20 minutes.