Sign up for a Martz Group tour in the fall for an unforgettable time.

Must-See Autumn Bus Tours

When you sign up for a Martz Group tour in the fall, there are a handful of unbeatable Pennsylvania and New York destinations you’ll be able to choose from, suiting many interests across the board – from those who appreciate nightlife, to those who adore nature and wildlife. A ticket to a Fall 2017 bus tour guarantees long-lasting memories, complete passenger satisfaction and a chance to visit some of the most popular spots in Pennsylvania and New York.

Visit the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon  

You don’t need to travel across the country to see the similar breathtaking sights that make up the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The area – which is a part of the Tioga State Forest – comes to a total of 45 miles and contains 1,500-foot depths. Guests will be able to partake on a covered wagon ride on the Pine Creek Rail Trail, which is a converted railroad bed that utilizes the floor of the canyon. You’ll also be able to eat a hot lunch at the Penn Wells Restaurant, and visit the PA Grand Canyon’s overlook and visitor center. Passengers also are able to check out downtown Wellsboro to truly experience the entire area.

Ride the Dome Train and Skyride up to Plattekill Mountain

When you’re a passenger on the dome train, you’ve got the best seat regardless of where you sit. Windows make up the top, left and right sides of each car, giving riders the ultimate viewing experience of the beautiful Catskill Mountain region in New York that the train travels beside. It’s a sight that is especially captivating during the fall, when foliage is at its peak.

As a part of this tour, you’ll also get a chance to skyride all the way up to the top of Plattekill Mountain. Plattekill Mountain – a place frequented by skiers, snowboarders and snow tubers during the winter season – provides its mountain skyride to those visiting in the fall. Extending the service throughout the months of fall allows visitors to soak up the ever-changing, colored leaves atop the mountains. It’s a truly unique way to explore the pure beauty of the mountains and offers a peaceful, serene view that is sure to make you fall in love with the region even more.

Brave the Philadelphia Ghost Tour

Perfect for Halloween, the Philadelphia Ghost Tour is ideal for the men, women and children with enough courage to face the paranormal activity that takes place in this haunted city. One of the spookier bus tours offered to customers, the Ghost Tour is filled with plenty of suspense, exciting moments and a few eerie destinations that visitors will love. Starting with a guided tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary – a haunted, closed American prison in Philadelphia – the precedent is set for what is yet to come. Come nightfall, passengers on the bus tour are able to take advantage of free time for approximately two hours, where they can roam the historic area of Philadelphia. But the real fun begins when the guided walking ghost tour takes place, which is the perfect ending to this spooky trip.

Book a Fall Bus Tour

Whether you take a one-day trip or multi-day excursion, Martz Group is a highly reviewed transportation company that prides itself on interactive, entertainment-based tours throughout the Wilkes-Barre, Scranton and Poconos areas. We are proud to extend all of our fall bus tours to new and returning customers alike. If you’d like help scheduling a tour, feel free to contact us today.