Dear Valued Commuters,

To help our Commuters through this difficult time, we will apply the full coupon value credit for unused tickets on one (1) commuter package expiring after 3/1/20. Credits will be applied to your Martz Rewardz Loyalty Account and available to you on your next purchase. Below are some frequently asked questions:

How Will Martz Know I Have Unused Tickets? You must call or email to register your request for a credit. Please call 570-821-3800 between the hours of 7:30am-6pm. If you prefer to email, please send your first & last name, order number and the number of unused tickets to

What If I Do Not Have A Rewardz Membership? We will set up the Rewardz Account for you, please call 570-821-3800.

How Can I See The Credit On My Account? At the present time, account credits are only visible to Martz Team Members. However, you WILL receive an email from a Team Member which will include the value of the credit available to you.

When Will The Credit Be Processed? Credits are applied the day after the package has expired. You can register your package now, but the credit will not be processed until after the package has expired. The email confirmation will be sent at that time.

Do I Have to Return My Unused Tickets? No, we do not need the original tickets. The day after expiration we can process the credit and the original tickets may be discarded.

What About Non-Commuter Tickets Like One Ways, Round Trips, Party Fares & Big Apple Specials? These tickets will be honored when you are ready to travel in the future. Just hold on to the original tickets or the order number. When you are comfortable rescheduling your trip the Martz Team will reissue your tickets with a new date FREE OF CHARGE!