Martz Customer Notice

NYC & Philadelphia Modified Schedule for Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020

Posted:  Tuesday 12.15.2020


UPDATED 10pm Due to Pennsylvania commercial vehicle travel restrictions, it has become necessary to further reduce Martz service Wednesday 12.16.20.


TO New York City:  Martz will offer morning service to NY Port Authority from the Stroudsburg/DWG location, run #101 will include Panther Valley:


#387  3:30am DWG to Port

#341  4:00am DWG to Port

#333  4:15am DWG to Port

#365  4:30am DWG to Port

#153  4:45am DWG to Port

#339  4:55am DWG to Port

#165  5:05am DWG to Port

#101 5:35am DWG / 6:05am PV to Port


FROM New York City:

#388  Gate 25       9:45am to DWG / MTP / SCR / WVM / WB

#110  Gate 10       1:45pm to DWG

#304  Gate 29       2:30pm to DWG

#166  Gate 29       3:25pm to PV / DWG

#184  Gate 29       4:00pm to DWG

#148  Gate 27       4:20pm to DWG

#178  Gate 23       5:05pm to PV / DWG

#198  Gate 25       5:45pm to PV / DWG


Martz Philadelphia Service CANCELED 12.16.2020

Canceled 7am SCR, 7:30am WB, 8am X95, 9am AWN, 9:30am QKR to AMT & PHILA
Canceled 11:30am Phila, 11:45am AMT, 12:45pm QKR, 1:10pm AWN, 2:20pm X95 to WB/SCR
Canceled 1:30pm SCR, 2pm WB, 2:30pm X95, 3:30pm AWN, 4pm QKR to AMT & PHILA
Canceled 6:20pm Phila, 6:45pm AMT, 7:45pm QKR, 8:10pm AWN, 9:10pm X95 to WB/SCR


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Thursday, December 17th Schedules To Be Announced.