Economy Commuter Service

Just over $10 a ride to commute to NYC and FREE Parking*!
Take Martz Commuter service to NY Port Authority or Wall Street, Monday-Friday, departing from Marshalls Creek, Delaware Water Gap PNR or Tannersville PA.

Tannersville3:50 am5:15 am
SR2094:00 am4:15 am4:40 am5:10 am5:30 am5:35 am
X3104:15 am4:30 am4:55 am5:25 am5:45 am5:50 am
NY Port*5:35 am5:50 am6:15 am7:15 am7:25 am7:25 am

*Economy includes downtown morning drops after NY Port Authority

PABT GATE #232531312331
NY Port3:25 pm4:00 pm4:30 pm5:00 pm5:30 pm5:45 pm
X3104:55 pm5:25 pm5:55 pm6:35 pm7:05 pm7:00 pm
SR2095:10 pm5:40 pm6:10 pm6:50 pm7:20 pm7:20 pm
Tannersville6:35 pm7:35 pm

Key - New York Economy Stops

  • SR209-State Route 209, Marshalls Creek
  • X310 – State Park and Ride Exit 310 off I-80
  • TAN – Tannersville
  • Port – NY Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • WS – Downtown Wall Street
  • Uptown – Madison 46th/47th

Monday-Friday service
Excludes weekends and holidays

Economy packages are available online with your convenient reloadable Commuter Pass (visit here if you are a first time online customer). You may also visit a Martz Agent in Stroudsburg or Mt. Pocono for those who prefer using tickets. Questions? Please give us a call 570-421-3040.

* SR209 & X310 locations offer free parking! TAN please see gas station attendant to purchase parking permits.