One World Observatory


September 11th, 2001, was a defining moment in American history. To honor and remember that day, visitors from around the world come to One World Observatory. Standing on the site of the former World Trade Center, One World Observatory is an incredible landmark in the heart of New York City. If your planning a trip to New York City, you might want to consider taking the bus to One World Observatory to see it for yourself.

All About One World Observatory

Following 9/11, Americans wanted to rebuild on the site of the former World Trade Center. The structure that would eventually be erected needed to honor those that had died in the attacks, and it also needed to be a symbol of American strength, patriotism and freedom. The final result was One World Observatory.

The building is a modern, contemporary structure that cost nearly $4 billion to construct. It boasts 104 floors and a height of 1,776 feet, a number that will be significant to those who are familiar with American history. The building goes by several different names today, just some of which include 1 WTC and Freedom Tower.

Visitors to One World Observatory can experience spectacular views over New York City from the observation deck. You can also talk with NYC experts, learn more about the Big Apple and even dine at ONE Dine with a view of the city from your table.

Taking the Bus to One World Observatory in NYC

One World Observatory is located in Lower Manhattan, which means that the landmark is easily accessible to the public. However, anyone who has ever driven in Manhattan knows just how stressful it can be to navigate rush hour traffic in the city that never sleeps. Rather than driving into NYC in your own vehicle, taking the bus can be an excellent alternative.

Thanks to Martz, there are several convenient bus routes from the surrounding region that bring you straight to the heart of New York City. You’ll get to relax and enjoy the ride instead of fighting traffic, worrying about closed or busy bridges and paying a small fortune for parking. To top it all off, you can rest assured that your journey by bus is better for the environment than driving in your own car.

Chartering Buses to One World Observatory

For most visitors to New York City, regular bus routes are the perfect means of transport. However, larger groups might want to consider chartering a bus instead. Chartering a bus gives you even more flexibility. Your group can designate the locations to be dropped off and then picked up again. If you’re heading to One World Observatory, you can be dropped off right in front of the historic landmark.

For groups, this is an amazing way to save time and the hassle. That’s especially true for those who aren’t familiar with the city and don’t want to worry about getting lost or delayed. Plus, traveling as a group in a chartered bus is a safe and enjoyable way to visit somewhere new, have an educational trip, or just do some sightseeing.

Getting to One World Observatory From Port Authority

If you arrive in New York City by bus, then you’ll probably disembark at Port Authority. This is located in Midtown Manhattan. One World Observatory is located near the lower tip of Manhattan. The two destinations are easy to travel between, and you’ll have several transport options. Walking from Port Authority to One World Observatory is possible, and it would be a great sightseeing journey. However, at three miles long it is usually too far for most visitors. Fortunately, you can still take a taxi or the train.

Quick Transport Options From Port Authority to One World Observatory

• From Port Authority, take a taxi or an Uber to 285 Fulton Street. The journey via West Street can take anywhere from 12 to 30 minutes depending on traffic.

• Exit to the 42 St – Port Authority Bus Terminal Station and take the E Train seven stops. Disembark at the World Trade Center Subway Station and you’ll be just a two-minute walk from One World Observatory.