Bus to Barclays Center

New York City is known as a hotspot for events taking place in all five of the city’s boroughs. One of the biggest and most popular venues in the Big Apple is Barclays Center. Located in Brooklyn, Barclays Center is the ultimate spot to watch a sporting event or even a major concert. Anyone heading to Brooklyn for these events should consider taking a bus to Barclays Center.

Get to Know Barclays Center

Barclays Center is located at 620 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York City. Construction on the multi-purpose indoor arena began in 2010, and the first guests were invited to the completed venue in 2012. Barclays Center was originally designed by the star architect Frank Gehry, but budget cuts after the 2008 recession led to some major changes. It is still a visually stunning design, however, thanks to the hole in the plaza roof called the oculus.

Barclays Center is perhaps best known for being home to two major sports teams. It is where the New York Islanders play their NHL home games, and it is where the Brooklyn Nets play their NHL home games. It has also served as a popular concert venue for big-name artists like Jay-Z. Today, Barclays Center can hold a little over 17,000 audience members for basketball games and concerts.

Taking the Bus to Barclays Center in NYC

One of the things that makes Barclays Center unique is that it doesn’t have a public parking lot. Parking is incredibly difficult in and around Barclays Center Brooklyn. A much smarter option if you’re coming from out of town is to take the bus into the city.

There is no shortage of Martz bus routes that will bring you right to the heart of New York City. Not only it is more convenient for people attending events at Barclays Center, it is also more affordable than dealing with tolls, gas and parking in NYC. Plus, riding the bus is far easier and more enjoyable than battling traffic from behind the wheel. Sit back, take advantage of a faster journey thanks to the HOV lane and begin your vacation a little earlier courtesy of the bus.

Chartering a Bus to Barclays Center

Taking the bus to New York City is always a smart move, but you can upgrade the experience by chartering a bus straight to Barclays Center. If you’re heading to an event at Barclays Center as a group, then it makes sense to charter the whole bus and have a more direct route. You can set the pick-up and drop-off locations to best suit your plans, which means less hassle at the start and the end of your trip.

Chartering a bus to Barclays Center is more convenient, and it will definitely save you time. The best part, however, is the company. If you’re on your way to a New York Islanders hockey game, you can chat with fellow passengers about your favorite players while on the bus. On the way home from a concert, you can sing along to the best songs of the night. There is a fun, festive atmosphere when you charter a bus to events at Barclays Center in New York City.

Getting from Port Authority to Barclays Center

You’ll disembark at Port Authority if you take a Martz bus to New York City. This is one of the biggest transport hubs in the city, and there are countless options for you from there to Barclays Center. Walking, unfortunately, is not a viable option. While you could technically walk from Port Authority to Barclays Center, the journey would take close to two hours.

Instead of walking, you can hop on the train and head straight to the Barclays Center Station on Atlantic Avenue. There are several direct subway routes to the venue. Cabs and Ubers are also widely available, although in peak traffic they can take well over an hour.

Quick Transport Options to Barclays Center from Port Authority

• Take the 3 Train from the Times Square/ 42 St. Station 11 stops until you arrive at the Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center Station.

• Take the Q, N or D Trains from the Times Square/ 42 St. Station until you arrive at the Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center Station.

• Take a cab or an Uber from Port Authority to 620 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City. Expect to cross either the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge or the Queens Midtown Tunnel along the way.