We would like to thank our Customers for communicating issues, we always appreciate feedback. This time of year, when your coach is parked in NYC until the scheduled return departure the temperatures inside will be very hot. Bus Idling laws in PA, NJ and NY require us to start the coach, idle no more than 3 minutes then proceed to our pick up point. Obviously, it will take quite a while for the air conditioning to even out these very high temperatures. We understand this is uncomfortable, and we apologize for the lack of options to avoid this all together.

Every AC complaint has been investigated. Our shop checks the output of the AC at the windows, and in most cases they are putting out temperatures below 60 degrees which is the correct parameters.

We are communicating some tips to the Drivers as well, to insure they are running the correct settings, a coach that is too cold can be just as uncomfortable as one that too warm.

Again we appreciate the feedback and will continue to investigate all concerns