Get to the bus early to find the perfect spot for the best views while you’re traveling.

Spring break is a great time to recharge from school or your job and escape to a different place. Take a vacation this spring and travel with Martz Group. Taking the bus with Martz is the best way to travel to your spring break destination. We offer comfortable seating and many amenities for you to travel in style. Below are some of our tips to help make your trip go smoothly.

1. Make the Most of Wi-Fi

On the way to your spring break destination, using the free Wi-Fi on our busses can help you get through the long ride. You’ll be able to keep up with all your friends on social media, post pictures of your trip on Facebook and Instagram, play games or watch movies on your phone, tablet or laptop.

2. Read a Travel Novel

If you love a good book, bring your favorite novels on the bus to read. Escaping into road trip novels like On the Road by Jack Kerouac or Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is an excellent way to spend your time traveling. There’s something to be said about the thrill you feel after reading about an epic journey while you’re traveling.

3. Charge Your Devices

Don’t worry about your phone or laptop dying on your spring break travels. Most of our buses include a power outlet at every seat. You’ll never run out of power when watching your favorite movie or television show on your tablet or laptop on our bus. If you’re meeting someone at your destination, your phone will be fully charged so you won’t have to worry about your phone dying and not being able to keep in touch with friends during your trip.

4. Bring Sleeping Essentials

Some people can sleep through anything, but if you’re a light sleeper it’s best to bring some sleeping essentials for the bus to get you through your trip. If you can’t sleep with the lights on, use an eye mask to get some needed relaxation time. Can’t handle the noise? Bring earplugs to drown it out. Also, bring a blanket to stay comfortable and warm on the bus, as some may prefer cooler temperatures than you.

5. Have a Guidebook Handy

If you’re traveling either a short or a long distance, you’re going to see beautiful scenery that maybe you haven’t seen before. Bring a map or guidebook with you to find out more about the beautiful towns, cities or landscape that you’re traveling to. It’ll be great to learn more about the destination and surroundings.

6. Stock up on Supplies

Because our buses don’t sell food or drinks, it’s best to bring your own supplies for your bus trip. Bring your favorite snacks and drinks, or some candy and sweets, to tide you over during the ride.

7. Bring Cash

On long bus rides, we do stop at rest areas for you to stretch your legs and use the facilities. But if you forgot to bring any snacks or items you usually bring it’s always best to bring cash. Some rest areas may not accept cards so make sure you have some change on hand.

8. Get to the Bus Early

If you want the best seat, take the opportunity to get to the bus early. This way you’ll have the seat you want and have the best spot to look at all the beautiful scenery. You’ll be glad you got there early so you have more of a chance to settle in and get your trip started.

Buy Your Bus Tickets

Martz is your ticket to lasting memories and unforgettable experiences. If you haven’t already booked your spring break trip with Martz or bought a ticket to your spring break destination, buy your bus ticket today and reserve your seat!