If you’re visiting New York City for the first time, it can be overwhelming! Make the most of your visit by following these helpful tips from Martz for your first NYC experience. You’ll be feeling like a New Yorker in no time!

Best Tips for Your First Time in NYC

The Statue of Liberty in front of the gorgeous New York City skyline.

1. Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes

One of the most important tips on this list is to wear comfortable shoes. If you’re sightseeing, chances are you’re going to be walking more than usual. Wear comfortable sneakers or any type of walking shoe where your feet won’t feel like they’re about to fall off in an hour.

2. Make a Sightseeing List

Before you head out, prioritize a list of things you want to do in the city. Just having an idea of what you would like to see or do helps make planning your trip out easier. But don’t make your itinerary minute by minute! Remember to leave some down time to do a little exploring on your own. Some of the best things about NYC are not the traditional sites, but walking around different areas of the city and leaving Manhattan.

3. Remember the City is a Grid

For the most part, Manhattan is built on a grid. Not sure what that means? All avenues in NYC run north (uptown) and south (downtown), and the streets run from east to west (crosstown). Even numbered streets run one-way towards the east and the odd-numbered streets run one-way towards the west, with the exception of large cross-streets that run in both directions. Knowing this little tip makes getting around the city easier than you’d expect!

4. Download NYC Mobile Apps

You may not realize it, but apps provide essential information for any new city you go to. There are thousands of apps you can download now to help you navigate or find a great eating spot in NYC. Listed below are some of the best apps to download for your first time in the city:

  • NYC Tourist Map

For your first time in NYC, you obviously may not know where everything you want to see is located. But with the NYC Tourist Map app, you can use it to plan out your trip, find a spot you want to visit, and see what other destinations are in the area. The best part is it provides you with an organized map of where each location you’d like to visit is.

  • Exit Strategy

Is it your first time on a subway? This app not only routes your subway ride, but also tells you the best place in the subway car to stand so you can cut some time off your exit.

  • Thrillist 

Get bar and restaurant recommendations based on your location with the Thrillist app. This app guides you to the best, hidden, and most delicious bars and restaurants in NYC so you get the full city experience.

  • Downtown NY

If you’re looking for an event for you and friends to go to, Downtown NY allows you to search for events, both free and paid. You can look up events, walking tours, and other ways to spend your free time in the city all with this app.

5. Stay Out of Chain Restaurants and Big Retailers

Get out of your comfort zone and explore the city’s unique shops and restaurants. Big-brand retailers and restaurant chains in NYC are practically the same as your one at home. Instead head over to some of the more off-the-beaten path boutiques and restaurants. There are intriguing shops and restaurants all over the city, from the West Village to the Meatpacking District to the Upper East Side and everywhere in between. It never hurts to try something new at least once!

6. Relax

The subway rerouted your train, the forecast is now saying rain, and your reservation got canceled. Like anywhere else in the world, stuff happens. Don’t obsess over having the perfect day in the city – just have fun with what you’re doing. If something does go wrong, it’s an NYC adventure to tell all your friends back at home.

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