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Advantages of Bus Travel

Buses are the best way to travel for many reasons. For instance, bus travel provides many more amenities than plane travel (not to mention more elbow room), and they are better for the environment than cars. Here are five more really good reasons why you should use the bus.


Buses like Martz Trailways have excellent amenities to keep you entertained on your journey. Wifi, restrooms, and storage space for your luggage are all provided. Whether you want elbow space when you are reading, or want to get some work done on your laptop, Martz helps you stay entertained and productive on your trip.

Save Money

Taking the bus for your daily commute saves you money, too. Obviously you will save on gas expenses, especially when we all know how much gas is wasted sitting in traffic! You will also save a significant amount of money on the tolls. Getting through the Lincoln Tunnel is very pricey, especially when you have to commute through it the entire workweek. Lastly, commuting by car takes a huge toll on the health of your vehicle. Why rack up all of those extra miles and risk a fender bender during morning rush hour, when you could be relaxing on the bus?

Save Time

Ever feel stressed about sitting in traffic? Commuting using a bus means you never have to worry about driving through rush hour. Let Martz’s drivers take care of that while you relax on your ride to or from work. Not to mention, since you can multitask while you ride, there is less worry about showing up a minute or two late!

More Dependability, Less Stress

Martz buses have, like all buses should, mechanics on-call at all times. This means whenever a bus breaks down or an accident occurs, there are women and men ready to help. As opposed to a car, where you would need to call insurance, the police, and probably someone to come get you, Martz has everything taken care of so you do not need to worry.

Save the Environment

Instead of paying for an expensive environmentally friendly car that will suck up all of your money, consider using a bus for its ecological benefits. Although a bus does put out more CO2 emissions than a car, a bus compensates by having many more people in it, reducing the emissions per person.

Looking to commute in the tristate area? View the schedule and reserve a seat today! We look forward to taking you on your next journey.