(Make it a resolution to pack light for your travels in 2017 – Image via Pexels)

While it’s easy to stray from your goals, try your best to keep those travel resolutions intact this year. Below are ten travel resolutions to follow in 2017!

Travel Tips for 2017

1. Buy Tickets Early

Don’t procrastinate and buy your tickets as early as possible before the seats are filled and to get the best deals. Buying your tickets at the right time can help you save money and help you plan ahead.

2. Pack Smarter

It’s time to stop overpacking in 2017! Are you really going to need those 6-inch heels for one night out on your 10-day vacation? They will take up valuable space in your suitcase! Feel more confident in what you bring by planning out what you need for your trip ahead of time. This will provide you with extra room in your suitcase, so maybe you can bring back some new items from your travels.

3. Use All of Your Vacation Time

Don’t let your vacation time go unused. Time off is essential for a healthy work-life balance, so take those vacation days to recharge. And don’t let work bother you on vacation either! This is your time to relax and not work on that report.

4. Travel to Places You’ve Never Been

Are there places you’ve always wanted to see? One of the most exciting aspects of traveling is to travel to new places. Vow to try something new and create a map of all the places you want to explore in the upcoming year. No matter if these are short weekend trips or weeklong excursions, any chance to explore is a fantastic opportunity. With more to explore, you’ll have a long-lasting, memorable trip.

5. Incorporate the Outdoors into Your Travels

Don’t just travel to places that keep you inside. Take a day trip to snowboard or ski on one of your favorite mountains, or plan a hiking trip through one of the country’s beautiful, scenic trails. Plan a trip that requires you take a walking tour through a historical city or a wine tasting outdoors. You’ll feel more active and adventurous when you incorporate the outdoors into your travels.

6. Be in the Moment

Make it a point to be more in the moment on your trip. Constantly looking down at your phone or email will take you away from the experience itself. Unplug and enjoy the moment to experience your trip to the fullest!

7. Be More Spontaneous

Be more spontaneous about traveling in 2017. Even if it’s a short casino trip or a getaway to somewhere close, say yes and take the opportunity to get out of the house. You can gain a lot from an unplanned adventure.

8. Take More Solo Trips

Plan a solo trip for yourself in 2017. Although it’s fun to travel with family and friends, it can be hard to plan around everyone’s schedules and to meet everyone’s expectations on the trip. Take the time to be by yourself without any distractions to reflect and recharge. A little time for yourself never hurt anyone! Plus, you may meet interesting people on your travels.

9. Plan More Weekend Getaways

A weekend getaway can be a great break if you can’t take off for a long week vacation. Enjoy your time off by picking an easy-to-reach destination that won’t require you to travel that far or that you can use a transportation service to get to. Plan a trip according to what you want to do, which could be visiting a small beach town or exploring New York City. The options are endless!

10. Travel by Bus

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