To: All Customers

Subject: Service Announcement for March 15, 2017


The following modified Schedule will be run to NYC. Please note, Terminals that will be open will be Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Mt Pocono, Delaware Water Gap.  Martz Park N Ride on Rt 447 will not be open. Tobyhanna tickets will be accepted at Mount Pocono.

Panther Valley will have a pickup at 6:05am.

Economy Service ticketholders can go to a ticket agent at DWG for runs 169 and 317 for assistance to get an exchange ticket.


Inbound Schedule from PA to NYC Port Authority

Run #  Time and Location

169                5:15 MTP, 5:35 DWG, NYC, Wall Street
317                5:45 DWG, 6:05 PV, NYC, Wall Street
115                 6:45a WB, 7:20 SCR, 8:10 DWG
147                 8:00a MTP, 8:20 DWG
343                 8:00a DWG
117                 9:55a    WB,1030a SCR, 11:10a MTP, 11:35a DWG
329                 12:00p  MTP,12:30p DWG  (Water Park Pickups)
121                 12:30p  WB,1:05p SCR,145p MTP,220p DWG
127                 2:50p    WB,325p SCR, 405p MTP,430p DWG,
131                 6:05p    WB,640p SCR,720p MTP,745p DWG,
331                 7:00p    MTP,730p DWG (Water Park Pickups)
321                 9:30p    DWG

Outbound Schedule from NYC Port Authority to PA


Run #  Time and Location             Stops

106                  100p    DWG,PnR, MTP,SCR,WVM, WB – GATE #27
318                  320p    DWG,PnR, MTP – GATE #29
184                  400p    PV,PnR,DWG,MTP – GATE #31
118                  430p    DWG,MTP,SCR, WVM, WB – GATE #25
122                  505p    DWG,PnR, MTP,SCR,WVM,WB – GATE #25
144                  525p    PV, DWG,PnR,MT-POC – GATE #29
124                  545p    DWG/PnR/MTP,SCR,WVM,WB – GATE #25
142                  6:20p   DWG,PnR,MTP – GATE #23
130                  705p    PV,DWG,PnR/MTP,SCR,WVM,WB – GATE #25
310                  800p    DWG,PnR,MTP,SCR,WVM,WB – GATE #23
328                  1000p  DWG,PnR,MTP – GATE #23
132                  1100p  DWG,PnR,MTP,SCR,WVM,WB – GATE #27
146                  1230a  DWG,PnR,MTP,SCR,WVM,WB – GATE #29



Philadelphia will run the afternoon schedule

Scranton Wilkes Barre to Philadelphia
Schedule         Time   Stops
203                12:55p SCR, 1:25p WB, 2:05 p White Haven, NOR, AMT, PHL
Philadelphia to Wilkes Barre Scranton
Schedule         Time   Stops
208                 5:30p PHL, AMT, NOR, White Haven, WB, SCR






DWG-Delaware Water Gap


MTP-Mt Pocono

PnR-Park n Ride, Rte 447 North Smithfield Twp

PV-Panther Valley



SR209-State Route 209, Marshalls Creek

EXT 310 State Park & Ride



WB-Wilkes Barre

WVM-Wyoming Valley Mall, Wilkes Barre Township

PHL– Philadelphia

AMT– Amtrak Philadelphia

NOR– Norristown