Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend and use with the Martz Group!

Martz Rewardz™ is a new reward program offered by the Martz Group where your loyalty is rewarded with points to be redeemed for your future Martz® travel.

Two easy ways to sign up:

  • Call 570-821-3838

  • See your local Martz Group ticketing agent

Terms and Conditions

We may add to and/or change the Martz Rewardz program Terms & Conditions at any time.  Modifications could include but are not limited to:

  • Changing the number of points you can earn for spending
  • Changing the number of points required to get rewards
  • Imposing caps and/or fees on earning and/or using points
  • Increase annual and/or other program fees
  • Cancel rewards

We may cancel the program at any time, providing you with a 60 day notice. You will not earn any additional rewards and you must redeem your current rewards balance within the the 60 day period or forfeit them.Once the 60 day period has passed, you’ll no longer be able to use points.

When you use points to get rewards, you release Martz Group and all of its affiliates from liability for your use of points, for the reward and how you use it, and for your participation in the program.

Martz Group is not responsible for replacing lost, stolen or damaged tickets or gift cards.

We may refuse your request to use points if any of your Linked Card Accounts are not in good standing.

These Terms & Conditions apply to your participation in the Martz Rewardz program.

If you attempt to use or earn points in a fraudulent way, we may:

  • Remove all points in your program account
  • Cancel your program account
  • Cancel any of your unused tickets

The program is intended to benefit individuals rather than companies. Business and Corporate Card Members may use points for any personal or business purposes they choose, but they can’t be directed or forced to use points for business purposes. It is considered fraudulent and abusive for Corporate Card Members to use a single Corporate Card account or rewards account for the purpose of accumulating points for company use.

All questions or disputes about program eligibility, earning points or using points will be resolved solely by Martz Group

It is your responsibility to find out if you are liable for any federal, state or local taxes as a result of earning or using points.

These Terms and Conditions replace all previous versions and are governed and construed under the laws (excluding conflicts of law provisions) of Pennsylvania.


The Martz Rewardz program is owned and operated by Martz Group.